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It's Saturday evening, the third Advent is just around the corner and there is a lot of crowd at the municipal Christmas market. I am strolling through the medieval part of the market with a friend and we talk about the past year and our dreams for the new one. We are concerned with upheavals, unanswered questions and contradictions, we both would like a few answers. Perhaps it is no coincidence that at this very moment, of all times, we pass a mysterious little tent that advertises tarot cards. An elderly lady with a wide-brimmed hat and a dead fox around her neck is just emerging from it. Her expression is gloomy, her look unfriendly. Cliché fair witch fulfilled, it shoots through my head. Still, I overcome wondering what the fun costs. 10 euros for a fifteen-minute glimpse into the near future. I can barely afford that with my tight student budget.

So get out of the winter cold and the hustle and bustle of the market and into the comfortably heated tent. Inside there is just space for a small table, three chairs and (luckily) a powerful patio heater. While the warmth creeps into my face, I have to shuffle the cards with my fingers, which are stiff from the cold. The fortune teller's frosty look, on the other hand, does not thaw. It doesn't matter either. Somehow she makes it authentic. She wants to know if I'm single or taken and my answer will determine which hand I have to use to sort the pile. I don't really believe the hand is relevant. The information about my relationship status, on the other hand, is quite certain for the fortune teller. Little by little she reveals the cards in an order that is a mystery to me. The following is a general forecast for the next three to twelve months on three major topics:

Love, work and finance.

In the meantime, the future-looking lady keeps asking small, strategic questions to elicit more information from me. Nothing comes from nothing. I do well and actually feel caught by one or the other card. Fairy fair or not, the fortune teller has mastered her illusory game. She remains true to her grouchy manner. I wonder if tarot cards can really depict something of the future and decide to put my results in writing. Actually, I don't necessarily believe in the art of fortune telling. On the other hand, on my trip to Asia, I read an interpretation book of the millennia-old Chinese Book of Changes, the I-Ching, which somehow cast a spell on me. It is probably the oldest classical Chinese text and is a respected work in philosophy and religious studies.

The "Book of Changes" is an oracle that consists of 64 hexagrams, each with associated wisdom. According to legends, the hexagrams listed there are considered the depicted language of the universe, some of them derived from the patterns on turtle shells. Apart from these legends, there are scientists who have recognized a logic in the structure of the 64 characters that is similar to the DNA strands in molecular biology. I-Ching is still used today to predict the future and to map the flow of changes. The Book of Changes is therefore something special because the questioner does not need a clairvoyant. Just the text and three Chinese coins to throw the hexagrams yourself. The results I threw at the time were frighteningly profound and ambivalent. I kept my hands off the I-ching, which is not easy fare. With my limited knowledge, I didn't want to misinterpret the results. If even Confucius only discovered the I-Ching in old age, then I was probably not yet ready for the mysterious background and messages.

The time period and philosophical depth of the tarot prediction at a Christmas market, on the other hand, are manageable and are ideal for my little self-experiment. I want to find out if the cards are proved right, so I wrote down my prediction. So I won't forget my tarot result and I can share it with you next year when an alleged fulfillment is imminent.

I have summarized the most important contents of my forecast in three categories:

1. Occupation category:The cards say I'm afraid of upcoming exams and wonder if I'll get my degree. (Ok, that's right, but who isn't?) A fear that goes hand in hand with my uncertainty about the further path. However, this fear is said to prove to be unfounded. A good degree follows, but I will not necessarily continue to work in this area. Success will come with something else, and professional independence will follow from it. On this way I meet another person (female) who will influence me. Either I will start something with this person or they will offer me to join in on something. The fortune teller is dampening my dreams of becoming a book author for the time being. I just lack the life experience for a large print run. (Well, there are also a lot of junky books out there, the good woman may be afraid, I am writing a second “Twilight” and want to protect myself and other readers from it. And nobody needs a self-love guide from a green-nosed student either. Don't worry, dear cards, I'll spare you that!)

2. Category love:Apparently there is still an unprocessed thing with a man in my head that is blocking me and that I have to let go of. (What can that be? I'm at a loss). Quite clearly, an encounter with a man is imminent (in February or March next year) that will lead to a slow but lasting fall in love. It's dragging on because he's reluctant, but it's worth sticking to it. The cards see loyalty, devotion, and a long, happy relationship. Did I hit the love jackpot there? As an emotional twin, of course, I put a few obstacles in my way beforehand.

3. Finance category:Here the cards give concise but satisfactory information. Apparently, there is a financial boon before and after the conclusion of financial success. Since pretty much every full-time job after graduation can be booked with financial success, I take it easy. A little blessing in front of that would of course be nice ...

My conclusion: The tarot art obviously means well to me. I wonder if some of the people in this tent are also being foretold of impending evil. I know from stories told by friends that such a card reading does not necessarily have to be positive. Whether the fortune teller really saw into my future, whether she “only” picked up moods or energies or made everything up: I can neither substantiate one nor the other with facts. Either way, I had an entertaining fifteen minutes and am richer by a “spiritual” experience. It is said that predictions about the future are often formulated in general terms so that they will apply to most people. The more unspecific the prediction, the easier it is to fulfill it. Apparent fulfillments can be interpreted to match the prediction. It is said that visions of the future are also promoted when the mind and body adjust to their belief. Sounds like a kind of “placebo” effect. Since my card result was so rosy, I actually have nothing to fear if I keep an eye on it for the coming period. A more precise, critical analysis of my results will follow next year in "A look into the future - Tarot prediction in self-experiment [Part II - the evaluation]"

What are your experiences in divination?

After all, the methods are numerous: from studying simple horoscopes to palm reading or working with crystals, spirits and natural elements. There is the woman with the glass ball at fairs, who would probably end up in the “charlatans” drawer for most people. But there are also the shamans of ancient indigenous peoples whose visions of the future predict illness and healing. And there are mystical and undoubtedly powerful books like the aforementioned I-Ching, whose origin dates back 3000 BC. Was traced back to BC.

True or not: removing the boundaries of time and space, taking a look “behind the scenes” and spotting what the future holds, fascinates many of us. Do you think clairvoyance is superstition? In Christianity, for example, this custom is not welcomed at all because the church considers it to be presumptuous towards God. Could fortune telling be a game with dark forces? Or just coincidence, manipulation and illusion? Or maybe you also believe in a bit of truth in the art of predicting the future? Feel free to leave your opinion so that we can discuss it together!

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