Have the Democrats tried a silent coup

US election 2020: "Fraud" in Pennsylvania: Donald Trump's key witness cheated

The 32-year-old Richard Hopkins rose to prominence in the Donald Trump supporters' world overnight for massive electoral fraud in Pennsylvania. Activists collected almost $ 130,000 for the "American patriot" on GoFund-Me and tweeted out his allegations. According to this, the head of a post office in "Erie County" backdated postal votes that were received too late. Senate Judicial Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham referred to the incident to request the Justice Department to investigate. Contrary to the usual practice of waiting for votes to be counted before investigations, Attorney General William Barr allowed federal prosecutors to take action in serious cases beforehand.

Trump has the results of the 2020 US election challenged

You can save yourself the trouble in Erie County. Because the hero of the "Trumper" turned out to be a swindler, who withdrew his allegations under oath during investigations by the Inspector General of the Post. "Whistleblower revoked completely," said the committee responsible for postal supervision in the House of Representatives.

In this case, the investigation is directed against possible backers who might have used and paid Hopkins as a straw man. Not quite as spectacular, but no less embarrassing, collapsed allegations in the other states, the results of which Donald Trump has challenged. In Michigan, for example, the claim that our candidate had lost 6,000 votes turned out to be a miscalculation in a county that was corrected within an hour. Joe Biden won the state with more than 150,000 votes. The alleged expulsion of election observers in Detroit also did not take place. In fact, there were so many Republicans in the crowded counting center that they had to rotate.

Experts see little chance for Trump

Suffrage expert Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles says there are "extremely rare" cases of election fraud in the US. The author of a study on the security of elections between 2000 and 2014 came up with exactly 31 credible allegations out of around one billion votes cast. A survey by the New York Times all election officers in the US found that there was no evidence of systematic problems or major manipulation in these elections. Experts point out that there is not a single case of a lawsuit that could invalidate enough votes to retrospectively change the result in Trump's favor.

The statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that "there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration" caused a shake of the head on Tuesday. The statement increased nervousness among some Democrats that the president could attempt a "silent coup" by using Republican majorities in state parliaments to ignore the results of the elections and to nominate electors on their own terms.

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