Why do cats growl at dogs

Cat growls at dog

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8 December 2016
Hello everyone 🙋🏻

I need your advice I'm a little unsure.

We had two kittens four days ago.
One is 11 weeks old and the other is apparently 12 weeks old.
But he's at least 2-3 weeks older.

Also have an 8 year old shepherd mix.
The one with our previous tomcat who was unfortunately only one year old, was one heart and one soul. From the first moment.
Unfortunately our cat was driven together 3 months ago 😪

The 11-week-old tomcat hissed a bit but it also worked with the dog.

We have the two kittens from different places.

The 12 week old tomcat growled and hissed a lot from the beginning.
That's why we first waited until they understood the kittens (it took 2 days) and only then introduced them to our dog (eye contact between 2-3 m away)
The tomcat is nice and very cuddly towards us.
Now we have lured the cat closer and closer to the dog.
Which also works well. Our dog is on a leash and makes room. He'd like to touch the cat soon. But that's too much for the hangover.
The hangover judges on the paw of our dog, which does nothing and the hangover growls. Our dog was intimidated and walked away at first.
That was on the first day they met.

So yesterday on the second day of the dog / cat encounter.
Have we lured the cat towards the dog again by playing.
But as soon as our dog makes a little movement, the cat growls.
Now, unfortunately, our dog has growled at him too.
Have the dog gone immediately, of course. Now, of course, that worries me ...
Don't want something to happen. I thought I'd muzzle our dog as a precaution.

I know the kittens have only been with us for a short time and actually we have come very far very quickly. The only thing that worries me is the growling cat. Do you have any tips or advice for me?
Do you think it will subside after a certain time?