Is coaching necessary to prepare for public service?

In more and more authorities and institutions under public law, successful participation in an assessment center is a prerequisite for taking on a further position.

The 2-day intensive training gives you the opportunity to go through all common AC tasks under real conditions in a small group of participants. Presentations, group discussions, interviews, role plays and case studies are on the program. The tasks are tailored to the requirements profile of executives in terms of topics and degree of difficulty.

All tasks are preceded by a short trainer input, giving you an overview of the possible variants of the respective task, observation criteria and tried-and-tested processing strategies as well as solution models. You then go straight to the simulation or implementation phase, i.e. you are now working on a real AC task under real conditions and under time pressure. You already have the opportunity to apply the machining strategies and tools worked out beforehand in practice. After each task, the results are reflected on and evaluated with the participants. You will immediately receive trainer feedback with specific optimization approaches that will help you to do even better in the real AC.

The proportion of practical exercises and simulations is around 70%. Timely feedback after each task enables you to evaluate and reflect on your own behavior and your results in a differentiated manner.

Contents at a glance

  • Machining strategies, tools and solution models for all tasks
  • Targeted preparation options for the phase before the AC
  • Practice, practice, practice:
    demanding AC tasks under real conditions:
    Presentation, group discussion, interview, employee interview, case study, lecture
  • Trainer feedback with specific optimization approaches
  • Group feedback and evaluation of results
  • Assessment of your chances of success in the real AC

We hold this seminar for the AC training provider Intertrainment, Unterhaching.

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