What makes a person elegant

Clothes make the man - clothes and their effect

Fashion is historically linked to the status and personality of an individual. While dresses provided information about one's occupation or position in society thousands of years ago, nowadays they have an even more individual value. Workwear still exists in some industries, but in our free time we dress according to our own taste. Often we consciously or unconsciously express our inner self with the choice of clothes. In fact, clothing is one of the most important social signals we send out because what we wear shows our identity. It tells our fellow human beings a lot about the nature of our occupation, our ambitions, emotions and spending habits. In this article, we shed light on the psychology of choosing our clothes and fabrics, and on the colors and dress codes used in the business world.

The power of clothing

If you've ever watched a play rehearsal, you'll know how powerful clothing can be. For example, if actors are already practicing in their costumes, they can empathize much more (or more effectively) with their characters. Maybe it's a hat, a long and heavy skirt or the elegantly falling fabric in bright colors that helps you to exude just the right grace. Because clothing is much more than just the fabric that keeps us warm and covers us. Clothing conveys emotions and has the power to transform us.

However, this transformation is not only possible with actors. We can also use clothing to strengthen or change our character and appearance in everyday life or in business life. Often we do not even notice what an essential role clothing actually plays in our lives. Even if someone has no interest in fashion and allegedly throws things together at random, it says a lot about the person. So if you find yourself in a situation in your life where you are looking for change or you just want to bring your insides outwards - try a new piece of clothing, a new fit or color. Dare to do something and don't be put off by the colorful tones and patterns. Because we often only recognize the effect of the clothes when we wear them ourselves.

Effect of dress choice on our personality

You know this wonderful feeling when you put on your favorite outfit. You strut down the street in your outfit ready to take on the world. And sometimes we stand in the locker room and have to find out: the jeans don't fit me at all - although the size is right. The day is ruined. There are so many examples of how clothing can affect our mood.

If you don't feel well, you tend to put on big, baggy clothes and avoid bright colors. If, on the other hand, you are cheerful, for example visiting the unknown city on a summer vacation, you can enjoy the day carefree in your yellow summer dress or red shorts. Clothing can therefore unconsciously be an expression of our inner constitution.

However, clothing can also be used deliberately, for example to convey a message in everyday life. Be it a lecture to an important customer, a wedding, the first date or just a coffee with our best friends - every situation gives us a new way of expressing our state of mind and our feelings with clothes.

Janine Pötsch from www.gekonnt-haben.de on "Clothes as a mirror of our soul":

"Not every woman feels comfortable in a dress, some prefer to wear a skirt and top or pants and a top. The choice of clothes says a lot about my worth, my well-being and my mood, as well as my message: I want elegant, sexy, sporty or Have I chosen the outfit to match the dress, the message or I don't really care. What impression do I want to leave? I looked in the mirror in the morning and thought about the consistency with shoes / bags / accessories and my effect or I don't care according to the motto "The main thing is that I have something on and don't go out of the house" naked ". Gottfried Keller once said that clothes make people. The choice of fabrics, the brand, the wearing comfort also says a lot about what I am I value the status, does the clothes fit my professional position, I like to buy good and cheap or high-quality and sustainable, do I have a common thread in my style, do I have a clothing concept, can I combine well, do I have a recognition value as a trademark etc."

About Janine Pötsch:Janine Katharina Pötsch is a mentor for personal development, image consultant, coach for personality development as well as etiquette and communication trainer, book author and media face. The stylish luminary supports specialists and executives as well as the self-employed in the D.A.CH room with your concept of personality as a success factor - stylish, attractive and competent in every professional and social scene. So that they have more success in all situations in life authentically and with ease.

Choice of clothes and their outward impact

Clothing not only changes the way you feel, think, and act - it also changes the way other people see you. Have you ever judged someone by their style of dress? We all do that. We learn that from an early age. The only important thing is not to judge too quickly. It is true that stereotypes do not arise without reason, but we should not give them too much space and get to know people without rashly inferring their personality from their clothing style.

Of course, there are many different styles - shapes, colors and combinations that are deliberately intended to create a special effect on the other person. So harness the potential of clothing and let others know who you are and how you want to be perceived.

What the different styles say about you

Your style isn't arbitrary - it's unique. The designer Coco Chanel once said: "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." When you try to adapt to the style of other people, which appears beautiful on the outside, but not to yours fits your own personality, you appear neither confident nor happy. For now, forget what you think you want to wear, or how you think your clothes should cover certain “problem areas”. You have probably heard of some style terms like classic, natural, sporty, etc. The most important part of finding your own style is exploring your personality.

In fact, our clothes say so much about who we are. Even a refusal to follow trends is a signal that suggests a free and unconventional way of thinking. The good thing is that the effect of a certain style of clothing can always help create a new persona for ourselves. Be it to make new friends, to change your attitude to life or to take a career step. With clothing we have the chance to find ourselves or to reinvent ourselves.

Cornelia Gumm from www.corneliagumm.de on "Clothing and its effect on us and others":

"If your inner being, i.e. your entire personality and your outer appearance, match, then you are authentic. If you are authentic, then you radiate charisma. Your private and professional goals can be achieved authentically much faster and much easier the outside is not authentic, then your effect can block your potential. Before you buy new clothes, your color and style concept should be, which reflects you 100%. Your wardrobe belongs to you personally and has with yours completely to do your own story. Combine your outfits so that they fit you, your life, and your goals. Before you start your day, look at yourself in front of the mirror, aware of what you are going to do that day With the choice of your clothes colors you decide every morning whether you make your personality visible and make it shine or whether you hide yourself and dampen the power of your charisma. When it comes to dress cuts and shapes, make sure that you highlight the strengths of your figure and hide your problem areas. Always adapt your dress shapes to the time and your style. I.If you still have room for improvement, then let an absolute professional advise you, which will boost you to where you want to be. "

About Cornelia Gumm: For 20 years I have been accompanying well over 1,000 women, men and companies in the change process to an authentic and charismatic appearance throughout Germany and online. I perceive people in their core and holistic approach and help to increase self-confidence, visibility and well-being. Since the age of 15 I have been concerned with the effects of clothing and with personal development. Realignment of one's own effect changes the view of one's own personality. I am very grateful for the work and experiences with so many wonderful people.

Dress colors: What the color you wear says about your personality

The color you wear the most has a huge impact on your mood, attitude, and the way you are perceived. Depending on how you use color, you can use the power of fashion to make your first impression on others. Don't choose colors at random; think very carefully about how you use them.

Even if your closet is filled with clothes of all different colors and shades, there is probably always a color that you prefer because you feel more comfortable and secure in it. It is exactly the color that reflects your character. Many colors can have multiple meanings - and even opposing ones. So be aware of how you feel in different colored outfits and what reaction you want to evoke in others.

Doing your own little social color experiment can help you figure out which colors work best for you on different occasions and occasions. Too much of one color can be overwhelming, so try to break up monotonous outfits with different colored accessories. Then listen to how you feel, how you perceive yourself, and observe your surroundings. The top rule, however, is: Don't be afraid!

Sophie Krüger from www.imageconsulting-berlin.de on "Dress colors and their effect":

When looking into your wardrobe, have you ever noticed that you particularly like a certain color in it and that you have a lot of clothes in this shade, while other colors are not represented in your wardrobe at all? This may be because there is an individual color palette for each person that strengthens them internally and also makes them shine and focus on the outside. This palette is perfect for your wardrobe, creates harmony in your interior, underlines your personal style and even supports your entrepreneurial

Branding. This harmony of you in your type-appropriate colors has a convincing and attractive effect on others, because more than 90% of all communication he follows non-verbal. But do the colors we tend to really mean something? Yes, of course, and that goes beyond personal color type. Colors affect our fellow human beings and have a kind of symbolic character that you can use consciously. So ask yourself before the next important meeting, party or job interview - how would I like to be perceived by my counterpart and which color best supports me?

About Sophie Krüger: Certified costume designer and style consultant from Berlin. As a style consultant, I really enjoy working with women who are really troubled when it comes to choosing colors and suitable clothing and who have a deep concern for further development. Fashion and shopping are not necessarily their hobbies, but they have understood that clothing appropriate to their type can help them to feel more fulfilled and self-assured personally and thus to make much further professional progress. With my style formula advice, I support these women, who still have real plans, to build a wardrobe that shows them at their best in everything they do.

Color effect in the business world

Color can also be used wonderfully in the professional world. If we assume traditional business attire, many fall back on black, blue or gray. However, colors can also be exciting and an important aspect for the success of the company or your career. Try it with small color accents and observe the reactions from those around you. You will be surprised at the impact a red necklace or a yellow shirt can have on your colleagues. Take an active approach to the choice of color and think in advance: What am I dressing for today?

Because as we have already established: colors have explicit statements and arouse certain feelings in the other person.

Ask yourself these questions to find your perfect color for the day:

  • How do I feel today
    • Do I feel tired or depressed?
    • Do I feel anxious and need rest?
    • Do I need more energy for a presentation?

Let your intuition guide you because this is the color you are likely to need the most on this day. Remember that lighter colors can elevate emotions, while darker and neutral colors tend to be more subdued and controlling.

  • Who do I want to impress? What socio-economic, ethnic and age group is my counterpart from?

Women tend to respond positively to colors based on blue, such as deep bluish red, most blues, pinks, and bluegreens.
For men, the colors based on yellow are more attractive: rich reds and orange-reds as well as peach-apricot. But they also like most shades of blue very much. You can read about how other cultures react to colors and what different meanings they have in our article on color psychology.

  •  What message do I want to convey to my customer?
    • If you want to convey trust and credibility, then blue is best. You are always on the safe side, as most people like it - but it has a certain predictability and suggests a conservative attitude.
    • If you want to look friendly and approachable, choose lighter colors like light blue or green, teal or apricot
    • Assertiveness and energy are often associated with the color red - but it can also appear threatening to others.
    • The counterpart to this would be a kind of blue-green. This color suggests high self-esteem and self-confidence, but is nonetheless friendly and approachable.
    • Reliability - Green. But be aware that this color is not liked by everyone, even if it is the symbol of emotional balance.
    • If you want to appear neutral, muted tones in gray or beige are sufficient.

Stefanie Diller from www.diller-yourself.de presents four different color effects:

red gives people power! Because red is self-confident, active, determined, loud, feminine, erotic, dominant. Red demonstrates power, focus and self-awareness. So this can also help you in the salary negotiation in the form of a blazer.
blue iscompetent, consistent, friendly and clear. It has a noble character, but it also looks a little conservative, but it always works. Blue is THE business color par excellence in many countries. All color types can wear dark blue and it goes with a great many other colors. Blue business outfits may be unimaginative, but you seldom go wrong and the best-selling summer dresses are also blue.
green has the attributes natural, growing and reliable. Green has a harmonious, relaxing effect and provides you with new strength. It is not for nothing that many health insurances and alternative practitioners have the color green in their logo. Well-balanced people are well supplied with greenery. The numerous shades of green are available in many color types and if you want to stand out, wear emerald green - it looks elegant and special.
black looks strong, solemn and elegant, but also distant, lifeless and heavy. In Germany the association law, death and mourning is assigned to the color. Nevertheless, black is typical for evening wear, for creatives, designers and individualists. Because it is a "color" that can be easily and elegantly combined, many people like to wear it. When you wear black from head to toe it's easy and safe. But black has to be flawless, otherwise it will lose its elegance. The “little black dress”, for example, should always be of very good quality.

About Stefanie Diller: She is a sought-after expert from TV and media and has successfully dressed well over 1,000 customers.She explains what people need for their optimal wardrobe and makes sure that nobody is disguised. Her motto: feel good, develop your own style and appear successfully! She cleans up her customers' closets, offers personal shopping and workshops. In addition to personal and online advice, Stefanie offers a great blog with many recommendations, tips and tricks to bring your own wardrobe into shape.

Cuts, shapes & styles - what suits me?

Cuts and shapes can have just as much influence on our emotional world and external effect as colors. I'm sure you know the situation: You bought something online, it looked great on the model, and you try it on and think, “Why doesn't it suit me?” That happens to a lot of people. On the one hand, it is important to find cuts that flatter the body shape, but it is also important to feel comfortable and dress appropriately.

There is nothing worse than “squeezing” yourself into a style or shape that cannot reflect the personality. So if you have a figure for which fitting clothes are recommended according to social norms, but you like to wear loose clothing and wear different types of jackets on top of each other, then do that! When it comes to self-expression and creativity, there is nothing better to convey that than fashion. The more meaning your clothes and accessories have, the more you communicate who you are and what you want to convey to the world. The possibilities are endless.

Be true to yourself and don't chase the style or cut that is supposed to suit you best. Trying something new has never hurt anyone.

Daniela Uhrich from www.lady-blog.de about "Finding your style":

 "The older I get, the more important it becomes to me to have a reduced wardrobe, which only contains favorite items of great quality, which in the best of cases are also made in Germany or in other European countries. Over the years I have found out which colors and cuts suit me best. If that is difficult for you, you can look for fashion models with a similar figure. In my case - a petite figure without a lot of hips and chest - I always liked to see what Audrey Hepburn was wearing and how she combined it. Like you, z. B. 7/8 trousers and flat shoes, plus a sleeveless blouse, tucked into the trousers. Or a skirt with a beautiful A-line and a tight top. By the way, my color is navy blue. And now I only have items of clothing in my closet that can be combined well with navy blue, so mainly white, pink, pink and green, but also natural and cream tones. "

About Daniela Uhrich: The journalist and doctorate in German studies Daniela Uhrich founded the lady blog in 2010. The fashion and lifestyle blog now consists of a four-person editorial team and the blog dachshunds Emil and Kalle. Daniela has always presented long-lasting, timeless fashion and interior classics that are of high quality and manufactured under good conditions - gladly "Made in Germany". She loves old, endangered trades and small, fine companies, which she offers a presentation area on the Lady blog, as well as all things that make life a little more beautiful. 

Business styles - what do my clothes say about me at work?

For example, working in a law firm or as a consultant does not require the same clothing as a baker or cashier. Our clothing defines the role we play in business at any given time.

Many of these dress codes have survived due to manners and customs. Older executives in particular stay true to this style, while younger people are increasingly opposing these norms. For some industries and entrepreneurs, it is important that the employees in the company convey a professional image. Etiquette, punctuality, cleanliness and order in buildings and work areas as well as professional clothing go hand in hand. These companies believe that dress codes help encourage respectful interaction between employees and customers. Because clothing can create equality. In theory, it is easier for managers to focus on employees' skills and ideas when everyone is wearing similar clothing rather than what they are wearing.

Marlies Smits from www.ben Geschäftsberatung.com on "The right clothing style for the office":

Oscar Wilde once said: 'Only goals don't judge by appearance. The real secret is what is visible. ‘And an old saying goes: 'As you come, you will be received.'The fact that our clothing plays a major role is therefore not just an invention of our time; Our ancestors also knew the importance of suitable clothing.But does our wardrobe really have anything to do with career opportunities? I guess so.However, more and more people are unsure how appropriate clothing for work looks like. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that we hardly differentiate between leisure and work clothing; on the other hand, many people also believe that the appearance is unimportant. For them, convenience is paramount.

It's not that difficult to appear appropriately dressed for work.Your clothes should underline your assets: Use your flair for colors, because it doesn't always have to be black. There are many options, especially when it comes to accessories. Make sure you are eye-catching. If you have no customer contact, you should adapt to the style of the company. Pay attention to good quality with basic parts and don't forget the fashion: an outfit with a few fashionable accents looks fresh and contemporary. However, those who cause too many eye-catchers make it difficult for the other person to concentrate on the content of the words. You shouldn't give more than seven optical signals at work. But be careful: watch, wedding ring and glasses are three. "

About Marlies Smits: Since 1999 expert for manners and effects. Well-founded trainer training, color, style and image advice. 'Certified trainer for the Persolog personality model D I S G', author. The clients include well-known companies throughout Germany who advise and train their employees. Regardless of whether it is a lecture, seminar, workshop or online training, the participants experience the current rules in dealing with one another in a relaxed and entertaining way. Our motto: No rigid etiquette but a feeling for the respective situation.

Formal is not always formal - how dress codes have changed

Dress codes should also convey a certain effect. Large evening events with red carpets still include dress codes to convey an image of cohesion, grace and wealth to the outside world. But it can also suppress individuality and force people into clothes that do not correspond to their personality. Individuals have made it their business to break dress codes and reinvent them. If the invitation says “Black Tie”, women are forced to put on high shoes and a dress. But not every woman identifies with this very feminine dress code. A few decades ago it was still impossible to break this dress code, but today we are quite relaxed about the topic.

Because dress code is no longer the same dress code. It is constantly changing and allows more and more. The dress code in professional life has changed dramatically. 40 years ago, for example, you had to wear a suit and dress in the office in order to gain respect for superiors or customers. One suit said, "I am important." The person's skills were secondary here. If you still find that a suit is required in many offices, this is usually very much scaled down and you can also come to the office with a shirt and jeans in order to be “appropriately” dressed. With younger leaders and the start-up culture in particular, these old dress codes have been disappearing and new ones being introduced in recent years.

But let's not kid ourselves: While in an ideal world a person would be judged solely on their skills, their specialist knowledge and their personality, in many situations the first impression is still very important - and clothing plays a big role in this Role.

Claudia Reuschenbach from www.stilstrategy.de on "Changing Dress Codes":

As a style consultant, I am asked every day: 'Claudia, do you have a tip for me? I have a very important lecture soon. I have to present my results to the board. What should I wear there? How do I come across as modern, professional and confident? ‘.Gone are the days when you always and everywhere and in every job looked good in a blue or gray trouser suit or suit. The trend is clearly in the direction of 'business casual'. Fortunately on the one hand, but unfortunately at the same time on the other.I said 'unfortunately' because a few years ago it was much easier to get dressed in the morning for everyday work. What have we done? We took a conservative piece out of the closet, pumps with it, and were 'well' dressed.Every outfit is currently much more individual - and that is exactly what makes my work much more exciting at the moment, because the demands of customers are much more personal. The trend is towards casual and so the looks are becoming more and more beautiful and unique.Clothes and cars are both status symbols. Like it or not. It makes a difference whether you pull up in a gray, conservative or pink, more funky car - just like clothing, it can be the best choice depending on the situation!

About Claudia Reuschenbach: In the headquarters of Deutsche Telekom and Post AG, I sharpened my eyes: Your appearance is crucial for a first impression. As a style consultant and business graduate, I'll tell you how to show style and class visually.

Not only clothing, but also the inside has to be right

All the colors and cuts are useless if we are not comfortable with ourselves. If you can get a lot out of yourself with new clothes and a little color, there is still the limit at which you have to work on yourself in order to be happier, more successful, more creative or more self-confident. Clothing is the first step, the second and most important step is: working on yourself. We can put ourselves in a new light with a certain item of clothing, but if we take off the item of clothing at the end of the day, we still have to feel good. If this is not the case, it means: make yourself a priority and have self-confidence even without certain clothes. Because clothing should be the finishing touch to underline your character, but not to whitewash it.

Moritz Bauer from www.selbstbewusstsein-staerken.net on "self-confidence comes from within":

"Basically: 'The Self is always coming through.' Which means in German: Just dressing cool doesn't make you cool. Coolness and self-confidence come from within. If you feel good inside and satisfied with yourself, you will also radiate that outwards - regardless of your clothes. However, clothing can help you change the way you see yourself inside and thereby make you feel better and more confident (away from a loser image to a winner image). So it definitely makes sense to experiment with the style of clothing and find out what suits you best and what makes you feel good. "


About Moritz Bauer: I'm Moritz Bauer and I run Germany's largest website on the subject of self-confidence.


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