What is the Planet Fitness dress code

Fitness: Explained by an expert - this is how you avoid anger about your outfit

Your pink shorts are so short that every time you lunge with the barbell, your buttocks flash out. The porters his black tank tops are so narrow and the neckline so deep that he practically trains his biceps without the upper body. And a man next to them runs in flip-flops towards the leg press.

The outfits of the members in Germany's fitness studios repeatedly cause discussions. For some for shaking their heads. Others for an appreciative nod. And for bans.

In Munich, a studio forbade its female members to train in crop tops. And in Hamburg, such a fashion restriction even led to a battle of the sexes: a gym had banned men from wearing sleeveless shirts.

They felt discriminated against and complained that the women in their studio were still allowed to wear sleeveless clothes. Even the anti-discrimination agency, a federal agency, stepped in and saw a violation of the General Equal Treatment Act. Result: The gym management expanded the ban all Members out.

"... everything else belongs in the private sphere"

When am I just sporty and appropriately dressed when I do sports in the studio? What's too sexy? What is even provocative?

“In the gym, clothing should be functional, showing some skin is fine. But the shame of the other members should never be hurt, ”says Linda Kaiser in an interview with WELT. The Düsseldorf resident is the deputy chairwoman of the German Knigge Society and a certified etiquette trainer with a focus on fashion and style.

In studios in particular, where people of different ages and social classes train, there are always conflicts due to clothing. “In a gym, the cult of the body is indulged. Many there claim to show how fit and beautiful they are by leaving out clothing. But that's the wrong approach. Sports should be about being vital and healthy, ”says Kaiser. One can see that also in the dressed person. “Everything else belongs in the private sector, and not in the public. In technical terminology, we call it behavior appropriate to the occasion. "