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Home growing under artificial light, outdoor growing is even cheaper

Global cannabis legalization is picking up speed, with one Legalize notification following another. Even in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is becoming more and more obvious that discussions are no longer about “whether” but “how”. In Canada and many US states, marijuana is already being sold legally to indulgent consumers. In many cases, cannabis users are simply emptied of their pockets, with home-growing marijuana possible for less than 1 euro (or dollar) per gram for any reasonably talented grower.

Unfortunately, home growing under artificial light is not ecological. Anyone who has a garden would save even more money and protect the environment with outdoor growing. With the right hemp seeds or hemp cuttings, first-class outdoor marijuana cultivation is possible even with Central European summer days.

While many already know this or even grow their own marijuana underground as guerrilla growers, the dangers of cannabis continue to be discussed. It is to be feared that because of the influence of the corporate lobby, our politics will pass cannabis legalization that will empty our pockets. After all, the legal texts could legalize the commercial marijuana trade and continue to criminalize marijuana cultivation. The corporations would have already switched off the legal cannabis self-sufficiency.

With exaggerated dangers of marijuana and hashish, this paid hemp lobby may explain to politicians that only carefully secured cultivation can be legalized under high quality standards, for which entrepreneurs have to apply for expensive cultivation licenses.

This would mean that the hurdles to grow would be so great that small medium-sized companies or start-ups would also fail to compete with companies. With a few cannabis companies, the market will be split up in order to keep prices artificially high, so the fear. Our pockets would remain emptied, or we would continue to make ourselves a criminal offense with home-growing marijuana and the black market.

Thus the cannabis legalization would be implemented, just not in our interest. Because you can grow your own marijuana even as a home grow under artificial light for less than 1 euro a gram.

Is it possible to grow your own marijuana in good quality?

In many cases, the official argument against growing your own marijuana for self-sufficiency is that there are no quality controls, which means that the marijuana you consume is potentially very dangerous. There are also no security checks; some of the marijuana harvest could be sold on the black market.

Right, that could theoretically happen, just as very questionable marijuana is currently available on the black market due to the extenders and impurities. However, like the black market for cigarettes, the unreported trade in marijuana could very easily be prosecuted through tax law. In the case of a sale to young people, the protection of young people could take effect even if the information was passed on free of charge. If current laws are inadequate, they could be improved so as not to act against young people, but against adults who disregard the protection of young people. A marijuana ban is not necessary for criminal consequences.

According to many patients, medical marijuana from Holland or Canada is always unreasonable. Contaminants, mold, pests, pesticide residues and poor quality in general have been reported. However, this medical marijuana is dispensed to patients through pharmacies. These cannabis patients often explain that any reasonably skilled grower can grow better marijuana.

If one or the other grower does not grow good marijuana in the end, it would certainly not be worse than today's black market and thus still an improvement.

Even with the cultivation of up to 99 tobacco plants, which is tolerated in Germany, it cannot be ruled out that someone will harvest or process poor quality. However, there is no talk of a ban on private tobacco growing. Tobacco can be so strong that you could kill yourself with it overnight. The production of alcohol is also permitted within a defined framework for domestic use for private individuals, although here, too, one or the other does not produce good quality or pass something on.

It is possible that someone sets up a fish pond, catches fish that spoils before they eat, and dies of fish poisoning. However, there will never be a discussion about whether we should ban fish and fish ponds. To completely ban the cultivation of marijuana for personal consumption due to a lack of quality controls is obviously unrealistic as an approach.

Anyone who has become acquainted with marijuana cultivation and is not completely untalented will probably be significantly better with their own marijuana cultivation with each harvest than current black market leaches.

Is it safe to grow marijuana yourself?

The distribution of potent cannabis to young people could be punished with the protection of young people. But that would not rule out that young people simply help themselves. Whether you harvest the grow box from your parents or cut off the marijuana plant in your neighbour's garden in autumn, both could not be ruled out. With cannabis legalization, however, due diligence may include growing your own marijuana in a setting where the door is locked and the marijuana plants are not easily accessible.

A manufacturer could therefore develop a greenhouse in a stable design with a lockable door. Even a lattice box to protect the marijuana plants when growing outdoors would be an option. The grower would only have to make sure that the plants do not grow through this grid box and would cut the marijuana plants back enough after flowering that one could walk between the grid and the plants.

For indoor marijuana cultivation there are already lockable grow cabinets in a stable design. Here the legislator could set minimum requirements for the manufacturers and allow cultivation in grow cabinets with achieved safety class in households with children and adolescents. In a household without children and adolescents, the entrance door can already be locked, which means that a simple grow box or even an open extension in the next room does not pose an increased risk. In the same way, marijuana cultivation for personal consumption in a household with children and adolescents could take place in an adjoining room secured with a solid lock and would be sufficiently safe.

Furthermore, it would be possible for the grower to set up his grow system first and secure it sufficiently so that everything can then be removed by an officer from the public order office. This means that even before the hemp seeds are sown, it is checked that their own outdoor or home grows meet the legal requirements. Likewise, there could be requirements for the drying rooms or the storage of marijuana, as long as these can be implemented with little effort for the normal citizen. Then such requirements for home-growing marijuana would be ok, but otherwise not.

Secured home-growing marijuana is good even for the grower

Anyone who, as a marijuana grower, declares that everything would be too expensive and time-consuming for them: Anyone who protects their own marijuana cultivation indoors under artificial light or with a securely closing door during outdoor growing is doing themselves a favor. The chance increases significantly to harvest your own marijuana and use it for your own personal needs. In marijuana outdoor growing in particular, there are many reports that thieves cut and stole the marijuana plants at night and in fog shortly before the planned harvest.

If the youngsters break into a secured greenhouse, a locked grow room or a locked grow cabinet, then the grower would have done his duty of care and would be out of everything. After the facts have been clarified, the youth or social worker can still talk to the young people concerned. Public bodies would be notified in the event of a notifiable preliminary commission and could examine each individual case for themselves. That would put off normal young people and one would be directly in discussion with problem cases.

It should be expressly stated at this point that such measures to secure home-grown marijuana are already viewed as exaggerated. However, this presentation is intended to prove that it is possible to grow marijuana safely for self-sufficiency even with an effort that can be implemented by ordinary people. So there is no reason to completely ban this home-growing marijuana as a home grow under artificial light or as an outdoor growing in your own garden or on the balcony.

Growing your own outdoor marijuana - effort and costs

Outdoor growing all you really need is your own garden, a few good hemp seeds or hemp cuttings and a little gardening skill. The hemp seeds or hemp cuttings are brought forward in spring, put out at the end of May and harvested after ripening. A single marijuana plant can produce over 1 kg of marijuana flowers as dry matter. Several 100 grams of one m² can be calculated. Hemp seeds can be ordered online and cost a few to a few euros per hemp seed, depending on the type of marijuana and seed bank.

Anyone who has ever dealt with marijuana cultivation will order the right cannabis seeds the first time. The marijuana plants should not thrive alone, but the marijuana harvest must also be suitable for one's own use.

Even if there were requirements for a secure and lockable greenhouse, the m² of floor space would certainly be set up for a maximum of 1000 €. It would probably be much cheaper. If 250 grams of marijuana are calculated per m², which a good marijuana harvest can easily bring as dry matter, then the gram price in the first year would be around € 4. In the next year, with fresh potting soil and some hemp fertilizer, these costs could drop to less than 40 cents a gram! Without any requirements for outdoor growing, the grower would already be under 40 cents per gram of marijuana in the first year of cultivation with a few hours of horticultural work, if he can get it right.

Growing your own marijuana indoors under artificial light

An underestimated cost factor when growing your own indoor marijuana under artificial light is the room price. In the case of an outbuilding, a basement room or a similar usable space, the rent per m² would normally be a few euros. In an expensive residential area, the m² costs well over 10 euros cold. If the grow box for home growing were only one square meter in size, it still needs space in front of the grow box. Some floor space is also required for the irrigation water, the soil and other utensils. Ultimately, a grow cabinet with one m² of floor space still requires several m² of agricultural space for indoor marijuana cultivation.

If the greenhouse were to be accounted for as a one-time cost factor in outdoor growing, growing your own indoor marijuana under artificial light would also bring with it some one-time cost factors. This includes the grow box or grow cabinet, including lamps, ventilation or the pots and the casting system. The hemp seeds, grown, the hemp fertilizer, the electricity or the activated charcoal filter for the ventilation would, however, always hit the books as running costs.

If the one-off costs are allocated to the lifetime of the respective elements and an affordable room rental is assumed, then the successful grower of indoor marijuana cultivation under artificial light would ultimately end up again under 1 euro per gram.

Nobody has to, but everyone should have a free choice

If cannabis legalization is decided, then there are still very many possibilities how this cannabis legalization is implemented in everyday life. In 2018 and previous years, German cannabis patients repeatedly complained about the quality of pharmacy marijuana. Depending on the legalization model, cannabis users in the US states pay a few euros a gram or, for heavy forms of use, leave their entire monthly wages in the dispensary. Even those who go to the cannabis dispensing point and are allowed to buy can only buy what is offered and what they can afford.

However, if home-growing marijuana is not only decriminalized theoretically, but also made possible in real everyday life, then every cannabis user can escape the commercial market if it has serious deficiencies or excessive prices. Even the cannabis lover can pull up his homegrow for purely personal reasons and has control over his marijuana for his own use.

Those who do not have the options on their own or are too untalented should be allowed to found a not-for-profit Cannabis Social Club with other cannabis users. In the CSC, the members grow their own marijuana together. You share the cost and the work. CSC members can work together to grow their marijuana more cheaply, effectively and professionally. Incapable or poor cannabis users can also benefit from non-commercial marijuana cultivation and have enough for their own needs regardless of the commercial or illegal marijuana trade.

Anyone who could not pay for marijuana from cannabis dispensaries would still have the opportunity to escape the black market and its excesses with poor quality. Pure cannabis users would be separated from other and sometimes very dangerous drugs. Poor or rich, anyone could legally obtain good quality marijuana. Even if you take a closer look at the often discussed protection of minors, there is no reason why, in the case of cannabis legalization, self-cultivation of marijuana should be completely prohibited or made more difficult to the point of being impossible.