What is a sidewalk

side walk

A sidewalk leads along a street. It is a little higher to protect pedestrians.

The word walkway in Germany describes a path that only pedestrians are allowed to use. It is also called the sidewalk. In Austria, a sidewalk does not have to run along a street. If he does, it's a sidewalk. In Switzerland you usually need the French word Trottoir for this, read: Trott-tuahr.

The sidewalk, sidewalk or sidewalk is part of the street. However, it is usually separated from this by a curb. In Switzerland it is called "curb" because it is on the edge of the sidewalk. As a demarcation there are sometimes also strips with trees, bushes or flowers. If the sidewalk is separated from the street by a curb, then the sidewalk is slightly higher than the street.

It is important for the construction of a sidewalk that it is made wide enough. So you have to make sure that two pedestrians with umbrellas or prams can walk past each other. Two wheelchair users should also get past each other easily. In addition, the sidewalk should be wider in streets with many shops, as there are more people and many restaurants put their tables on the sidewalk.

You are actually not allowed to cycle on a sidewalk. But this is different with children: Depending on the country, children up to a certain age are allowed to drive on the sidewalk or even have to do so. Adults are sometimes allowed to accompany them. This is about the safety of the children. However, the laws vary slightly from country to country.

  • There is a strip of green between this sidewalk and the street.

  • Some sidewalks have a special surface.

  • Paving stones used to be particularly popular.

  • The sidewalk in front of shops should be wider.

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