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How Proust can change your life. An instruction.

Alain de Botton's book is based on a cheeky and astonishingly simple idea: Take the most monumental work of literary modernism, Marcel Proust's> In Search of Lost Time De Botton approaches Proust in a direct, unconventional way, without heavy literary theoretical baggage. Referring to Proust's text and details from the author's life, de Botton explains in classic advisory style, among other things, how to take your time, how to suffer successfully, how to express your feelings and how to be happy in love. De Botton lets the reader see life through Proustian glasses, while at the same time introducing the highlights from the research and into Proust's biography: the author's telephone number and favorite food are also the subject of consideration, as is the fact that Proust was still his at the age of thirty Keeping mother informed of everything going on in his digestive tract.
De Botton asks: What is the benefit of reading Proust? Very much, because we can benefit greatly from Proust's perceptual acuity, his sensitivity, even from his hypochondria - with de Botton's help - and at the same time enjoy ourselves deliciously.
How Proust can change your life does not require you to read Proust; on the contrary, it breaks down inhibitions and thoroughly dusts off an icon of literary studies. The book was already a huge hit in the US and UK.