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Knowledge is the key: everything to do with Indonesia

Indonesia is tropical with its Jungles, versatile Volcanoes, dreamlike Beaches, picturesque Temples and the unique Wildlife an absolute paradise. But which facts you should know before your trip to the Land of countless islands knowledge?

Our local experts tell you: From cultural differences to the perfect packing list!

The Komodo National Park near Labuan Bajo, Indonesia


Southeast Asia, largest archipelago in the world


2.02 million km²




262 million


Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)


6 official religions: Islam, Protestant and Catholic Church, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confianism


Indonesian rupiah (IDR) € 1 = IDR 16,600

1. Exceptional geography

View of numerous small islands in Indonesia

17,000 islands is the largest state in Southeast Asia, which extends over a length of 5,210 km. Here you can enjoy island life to the fullest!

There are 4 different archipelagos:

  1. Great Sunda Islands

    Located in the west, the islands invite you Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java too exciting (animal) adventures a.

  2. Lesser Sunda Islands

    The popular islands Bali, Lombok and Flores as Subawa, Alor, Sumba and Timor are denoted by it.

  3. Moluccas

  4. West Papua & Papua

[["Greater Sunda Islands", -3.111031, 106.161455], ["Lesser Sunda Islands", -8.583775, 119.313262], ["Moluccas", -1.738061, 128.729976], ["West Papua", -2.508856, 134.498576]]

[["1. Greater Sunda Islands"], ["2. Lesser Sunda Islands"], ["3. Moluccas"], ["4. West Papua"]]

Recommendation for you

Experience small and large Sudan islands and add more islands according to your wishes!

  • Visit the city & Medan's architecture
  • Go in Gunung Leuser National Parkon safari
  • and onMount Bromo & Ijen on an adventure hunt!

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2. Language & communication

Rice farmer with his son in Indonesia

To communicate with you is usually enough English out as it is in Indonesia through tourism widespread is. A few words in Indonesian will definitely give you plus points with the locals.







You're welcome



Terima Kasih



Good Morning

Selamat Pagi

Good evening Good Night

Selamat Malam


Selamat Tinggal





Try out your language skills on these routes

Enjoyment in Indonesia! Authentic and you can eat cheaply in so-called "Warungs". Small street bars that pamper your palate with classics like Nasi Goreng. Fans of western cuisine will find what they are looking for in Bali in particular. Be hereClean eating, detox & vegetarian dishes capitalized. You will immediately taste the freshness on your plate!

Our experts' favorite dishes:

  1. Sate Ayam - Chicken skewers with peanut sauce
  2. Rijsttafel - rice with lots of delicious side dishes

  3. Pisang Goreng - Fried bananas as a sweet finish

Local expert tip: Try delicious fruits and vegetables in Ubud Acai bowls!


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Local people in front of a temple, Indonesia

over 80% of the population belongs to Islam at 191 million, it represents the largest Muslim following in the world. However, there are also other religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism) that are vary greatly from island to island.While in Bali the Hinduism predominates and the locals are very tolerant of travelers, you should be more considerate in more rural areas or on the Muslim islands (large Sudan islands).

  • Pay particular attention to yours here Clothing style and cover both your shoulders and knees.
  • Away from Bali, it is better to do without bikinis and go swimming in shorts and a T-shirt.

Local expert tip: Learn more about the Balinese Hinduism,his offerings and the puppet dance!

Get closer to religion in Bali

Traveler at Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Indonesia is generally considered very safe country. Nevertheless, you should carefully assess and weigh up the following situations.

  • Natural disasters

    In Indonesia there are always natural disasters, especially earthquake and Volcanic eruptions. Therefore, keep yourself informed about restricted areas and possible dangers via the Foreign Office and the media.

  • crime

    The crime rate in Indonesia is quite low, but you should do yours especially in big cities and tourist areas Keep valuables safe.

  • Protests

    Since there are always large crowds in the big cities as well extreme demonstrations comes, we advise you to keep yourself up to date and to assess every situation carefully.

Our experts have the following tips for you:

  • Keep yours Valuables in the Hotel safe and only carry small sums of cash with you
  • Let Jewellery and expensive items better at home
  • Keep an eye on your drink and don't leave it unattended
  • Make Copies Yours main travel documents and keep them separate from the originals
  • It should still be one Raid come, do no resistance - Items can be replaced

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For Indonesia you basically need no visa. But you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Your passport is still required upon entry valid for at least 6 months be
  • You already have a return ticket
  • You will stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 30 days
  • You are in Indonesia purely for vacation purposes

Also pay attention to the comments of the Foreign Office Your country.

Travelers at the Ubud Art Market

The national currency of Indonesia is Rupiah (IDR). 1 euro corresponds to approx. 16,600 IDR. It is not absolutely necessary to change money in advance. It is easiest if you withdraw money directly from the machine at the airport. Generally are in the tourist areas ATMs widely used, but you should be in more rural areas drive, you should enough cash lead with you.

The price level in Indonesia is rather low compared to European countries:

0.5l bottle of water

approx. € 0.12


approx. € 0.50-0.70 / l

Entrance temple

approx. € 1.00-4.00

Surfboard rental 2h

approx. € 3.00-4.00

Travelers with backpacks at the airport

You shouldn't forget these things on your trip to Indonesia:

  • Yours Travel documents
  • Handy luggage, preferably a larger backpack, as a suitcase is not always easy to transport from A to B.
  • Light clothing including hat for the tropical climate (make sure you bring appropriate clothing to cover your shoulders and knees)
  • You shouldn't open in the rainy season rain protection to forget
  • Sun protection and sunglasses
  • Credit card (Do not forget the emergency number if you lose your credit card)

Don't forget your yoga mat!

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