Who sends the postman's mail

There is a curious innovation at Deutsche Post. On request, Swiss Post can send photos of letters by email in advance. This is how it works.

  • The Deutsche Post DHL Group has a new service for private customers
  • Customers can request photos of the envelopes by email
  • The service should be expanded in 2021 - then the content should also be able to be sent digitally in advance

Kassel - If you want to use the service, you need an e-mail account with a participating provider. The German postal serviceDHL has a new service for private customers. If you want to know which letters will end up in the mailbox later, you can opt for the new one service Sign in. However, an e-mail account from the providers Web.de or GMX is required for this.

The Deutsche Post DHL then email photos of the envelopes. In this way, customers can see which letters will later be in the mailbox before they are officially delivered. For the service, the company does not have to fall back on a new technology, but uses already existing data. From 2021, Deutsche Post also wants to send digital copies of the letter content by email.

DHL: Deutsche Post launches new service

The approximately 55 million letters that are sent every day are already recorded in automated processing. A camera in the sorting system photographs each envelope and then evaluates the data. Who is for the service registers, these photos are forwarded to his e-mail inbox. The new service from Deutsche Post DHL is free.

Know in the morning what will be in the mailbox later: Deutsche Post, @GMX and @WEBDE are now activating the mail notification service for all 34 million users. This will send you a notification with the photo of the envelope. # Letter announcementhttps: //t.co/8PDdGd1pqSpic.twitter.com/HbUlrrBKj0

- DPDHL News (@DeutschePostDHL) July 27, 2020

According to Deutsche Post, users of the new service don't worry about your data. "The photos of the letter post are created automatically in compliance with German data protection and security standards in the state-of-the-art sorting centers of Deutsche Post," said a spokesman for Deutsche Post DHL the dpa. The requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation are met and data processing is coordinated with the data protection officer.

Deutsche Post DHL wants to become more digital with service

The new service offers the Deutsche Post DHL Group in cooperation with the internet company 1 & 1. Owners of an e-mail account with the 1 & 1 services GMX and Web.de can use the offer free of charge. "With the letter announcement, you will receive a photo of the front of the envelope so that you know which mail you are receiving anytime and anywhere," writes Deutsche Post DHL.

Another service is to follow from 2021. Then she wants Deutsche Post DHL Group Also send digital copies of the contents of the letter to Web.de and GMX users in advance by e-mail. To the service explicit consent must be given to use them. In this way, users could not only read the envelope, but also the contents of the letter before it arrives in the mailbox. The announcement service is part of a company's digitization strategy. (Sarah Neumeyer with dpa)

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