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Aid Association for Children in Need

Report on the relief operation “Basic care for needy children from Shengal and Kobane” in the region of Northern Iraq
In December 2016, two representatives of the Aid Association carried out an aid campaign (winter clothing for refugee children) with the various local cooperation partners - Kurdistan Women's League, political parties, trade unions, Christian and Yezidi church representatives and private individuals.
As is customary with the relief organization campaigns, we bought the relief supplies ourselves on site. Primarily children were considered who did not live in assembly camps with their parents, but were accommodated in villages with families or with parishes. These families are not registered with government agencies and therefore do not receive any support from government organizations or NGOs.
First we visited camps near Koye, where Yezidi, Arab and Kurdish children from Rojava (Syria) live. Here children and adolescents were provided with jackets.In the city of Koye, thanks to the help of local political parties and, above all, the Kurdistan Women's League, we have reached and cared for children and adolescents from neighboring villages and towns.
Then we drove to Sulamania. Here we went to two Christian communities and, with their help, visited two camps in and outside the city, in which only Christian children and families are housed. The children were also given jackets and other necessary items.
We visited one of the largest camps in the Sulamania region. Thousands of Arab, Kurdish, Yezidi and Turkmen families live in this camp with their children. Since we could not help all children and young people here, with the help of the camp management, the children and young people who had the needs most were determined and cared for in percentages.
In the city of Sulamania, children and young people who were not officially registered and therefore hardly received any help were selected and cared for in cooperation with the trade union.
In the city of Shekhan, orphans and youngsters were given jackets. In a camp near Shexan, families and their children who had been liberated from IS were visited and provided with various urgently needed items.
After visiting the sid holy place of prayer "Lalesch", we learned that thousands of unregistered refugee families live in the villages in the Mosul region. Children and young people received our help there.
Thanks to the donations, we were able to take care of around 2,500 children and young people.
During this relief operation, we experienced the gratitude and warmth of the families affected, which touched and shook us very much. We feel obliged to convey to you, the donors, their warm greetings, but also to authentically reproduce a sentence that we have heard in many places.
“Of course we are very grateful that you send us things to wear and groceries to eat. Without them we could somehow still be alive. But please save our children, women and men who have been kidnapped by IS while they are still alive. "

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