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Single exchange comparison 2021: The 8 best single exchange + test

Anyone looking for a partner online quickly asks themselves which dating site is the right one. The selection is large, but not every portal is suitable for everyone. We took a close look at the best-known sites in a large single market comparison.

Germany is a country of singles. According to the latest statistics from the renowned Statista database, more than 17 million people in Germany live without a permanent partner. For comparison: that is roughly the same as the population of North Rhine-Westphalia. The number of singles has been rising steadily for two decades. So being single is trendy. Many sociologists see the way of life as a modern, independent and individual way of life. That's true for a lot of singles.

However, many people would like to share their life with a partner. This is easier for many singles with single sites and dating portals than in everyday life. While these dating platforms cannot guarantee that you will find a partner for life, they do significantly increase the chances of a successful relationship. According to Zeit magazine, every third relationship is now created online.

The 8 best dating sites in a big comparison

First, we want to present 8 well-known single sites and dating portals on the Internet in detail. From well-known providers such as Parship and ElitePartner to portals such as Dating Cafe, which are still unknown to many consumers, the selection of dating sites on the Internet is large. With the help of our guide, it is easier to find the right dating site.

Parship - dating agency with free registration

Parship is one of the largest and best-known online dating agencies in Germany and Europe. Since 2016, Parship has been part of the ProSieben-Sat1-Mediagroup together with the single exchange ElitePartner. According to its own information, Parship had almost 5.5 million members in Germany in July 2020.

The single exchange is known for its advertising slogan: "Every 11 minutes a single falls in love with Parship." But what is it about this promise? What does the registration process at Parship look like and what options do you have to get in touch with other singles? We answer these and other questions in the following paragraphs:

The most important things at a glance:

  • Core target group between 25 and 59 years
  • Balance between men (49 percent) and women (51 percent)
  • Good protection against fake profiles
  • Registration and profile creation are free of charge
  • Matching procedure called "Parship principle"
  • More than 1.8 million new singles annually

Register with Parship - these are the steps

You should allow 20 to 30 minutes to register with Parship. It consists of three steps that must be completed in the following order:

  1. Completion of the extensive personality test from Parship.
  2. Complete the profile with your own details and upload a photo.
  3. Refine the settings for the search.

Registration takes place by entering a user name and entering an email address. Registration is free and easy. You then end up with the personality test, which is the basis for the Parship principle - the dating portal's matching procedure.

Step 1: the personality test
The personality test from Parship consists of around 80 multiple-choice questions, which on the one hand reveal peculiarities, but are also intended to define requirements for a potential partner. In some cases, as is customary in depth psychology, you have to give some pictures a title. Otherwise the questions clarify inclinations, passions and hobbies. Some examples would be:

  • Do you enjoy doing sports?
  • How do you like to spend your free time?
  • Do you like to cook?

An algorithm then evaluates the numerous questions. According to Parship, you can use the “matching points” to see at a glance how well you match another Parship member. The maximum number of points is 140, but according to Parship, suggestions are recommended for 100 points or more. Depending on whether you opt for a basic or a premium membership, you will receive a short evaluation of the personality test or a detailed evaluation on more than 40 pages as a PDF document.

Step 2: professionally create a Parship profile
When creating the profile, Parship asks first of all, in addition to the job title, the age and a maximum of three special characteristics. An example would be: “Professor, 41, athletic.” It therefore makes sense to elaborate on the information on the profession. “Professor of literature and language” says much more than a simple “professor”. Using the multiple choice process, you can then select and add the appropriate properties.

When choosing the profile picture, selfies should be avoided, otherwise Parship advises to appear as serious, friendly and meaningful as possible. Even with a premium account, you will see other members' photos only blurred at the beginning. This is intended by Parship, on the one hand to maintain anonymity and on the other hand to draw attention to the information.

Info: When contact is made, the pictures are quickly released by the members, as the provider Parship found out in its own survey.

This is how you can contact Parship

If you have successfully created your profile at Parship, there are several options to choose from to contact other singles. You can, among other things:

  • Send free messages to members: Personal messages are always welcome, but should be as original as possible. The dating site does suggest some formulations, for example in the subject line, but according to a survey by the platform, creative addresses are getting better and better. This is the only way you can stand out from the large number of letters received from the candidates. It is positive that Parship automatically saves the messages - even before they are sent.
  • Unlock photos for other members: Show promising candidates your photos to give him or her further insights into your personality.
  • Flirt with a virtual smile: You have the option to send smiles to other members, and that member can respond with a smile as well.
  • Send fun questions: You can ask other members up to four questions to find common ground.
  • Find out similarities with the game "Eisbrecher": The game "Eisbrecher" makes it possible to compare matches with other "Parshippers" using pairs of images.

Parship - Prices and Fees

At Parship, you already receive numerous services with a free profile, such as an online evaluation of the personality test, partner suggestions with matching points, the option for contact inquiries such as fun questions or smiles and an app for the smartphone. If you wish, you can take out a premium membership and receive some additional services. These include:

  • Exchange of photos including contact suggestions
  • Use of search filters
  • Responses to contact requests
  • Unrestricted communication
  • Personality assessment with partner recommendations

Parship offers three terms for premium membership, which are priced between 45 and 75 euros per month. These prices are exclusive of possible surcharges due to the choice of payment method. Payment at Parship is possible by credit card, PayPal or direct debit.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Parship at a glance

How serious is Parship?
In this regard, Parship took first place in a single market test by the well-known consumer organization Stiftung Warentest in 2016 with an overall rating of “Good”. Parship was also the test winner in a survey by the German Institute for Service Quality.

Is Parship a suitable platform for homosexuals?
Yes, same-sex partner search has been possible at Parship since 2001. Since 2005 there has been a separate “gayParship” brand for homosexual people. This platform is organized in a similar way to Parship, the membership composition is similar and the proportion of academics is also high.

Is there a suitable app for the smartphone?
Yes, there is an app for Android phones and iPhones that you can use as a basic member. It allows the use of all the dating options that we have listed above. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Is there a VideoDate function?
In April 2020, Parship introduced a new feature, the VideoDate function. With this, singles can get to know each other almost like a real date using the real-time video chat function. The singles can see and hear each other, only you are still within your own four walls. So far, however, the function is only available for premium members.

ElitePartner - German single exchange with almost 4 million members

The Hamburg single exchange ElitePartner has a lot in common with its competitor Parship, because both providers have been part of the Parship Elite Group GmbH since 2016, which later became the ProSieben-Sat1-Mediagroup. A special feature of ElitePartner is the high percentage of academics.

According to ElitePartner, around 70 percent of the nearly 4 million members in Germany belong to this group. Further highlights are the scientific personality test and, according to the provider, the high success rate of 42 percent. In the following paragraphs we have dealt with the points of registration, contact and fees in more detail.

The most important things at a glance:

  • Scientifically proven matchmaking with a 42 percent success rate
  • Above-average proportion of academics of 70 percent
  • No costs for contacting us
  • Target group: 25 to 59 years
  • Members: 54 percent women, 46 percent men
  • Almost 3,000 new members per day

This is how the registration at ElitePartner works

At ElitePartner you can register easily and free of charge to look around on the dating site. This registration takes place with the help of a name and the specification of an e-mail. After registering, you have the following steps ahead of you:

  1. Confirm login: As soon as you have given your details to ElitePartner, you will receive an email confirming your registration. The single exchange then sends a cipher, which in principle represents a membership number that you use to log in. In this way, ElitePartner wants to make life difficult for fake profiles and bots from the outset.
  2. Log in for the first time: As soon as you log in for the first time, the dating portal suggests a variety of profiles that might suit you. This saves a time-consuming search. Good orientation aids are provided by seals of quality that are given to reputable and verified profiles. ElitePartner members can support verification by entering a code sent via SMS. There is a corresponding note in the profile afterwards.
  3. Complete profile: You can then complete your profile by adding up to three photos, free text and other information to your account by clicking on them. When filling out the profile, users should make sure that they are witty and creative and provide interesting and honest information about themselves. After checking the text information, the account managers also take a close look at the uploaded photos of a new member. Always take a high-quality portrait photo as the main photo, because the platform says it does not accept snapshots or full-body pictures.

The personality test at ElitePartner
So that the singles on the platform can quickly see whether the potential match is promising, ElitePartner uses a free personality test when registering, for which you should plan 20 minutes. It is a multiple-choice questionnaire that aims to record various aspects of your personality, hobbies, attitudes towards certain topics and the preferences and demands of a partner.

With the answers you already create the basis for a successful placement, as ElitePartner compiles the partner proposals based on the similarities and similarities with other profiles. According to the dating service, some statements that you either agree or disagree with in the ElitePartner personality test are:

  • "I remain resilient and persistent in stressful situations."
  • "I usually look at people at what is going on in them."
  • "I like to talk to my partner about the experiences of the day."

When answering the questions, you should not think too long, but answer as spontaneously and honestly as possible. In this way, the test represents the personality as authentically as possible.

Contact ElitePartner successfully

After registering with ElitePartner, you will receive partner suggestions based on the results of the personality test. The single exchange indicates the degree of correspondence in the form of matching points - the maximum number is 100. To get a good overview of the suggestions, you can sort them according to the following criteria:

  • Latest profiles first
  • Distance to the partner
  • Matching points

Detailed information and fully completed profiles make it easier to contact you. You can only see pictures after they have been approved by the members, before that you can only guess what they will look like. To make a member of ElitePartner aware of you, you can use the "send compliments" function. A paid premium membership is required for a personal message. You also have the option to block contact requests if you don't like a single.

Note: The visible communications with members you have already contacted are practical and informative. In this way, you can pick up again at any time if you can't get a single out of your head.

ElitePartner prices and fees

At ElitePartner you have the choice between a free basic membership and a paid premium membership. The latter offers additional services, including:

  • Sending and receiving personal messages
  • Unlock your own photos
  • View photos from other profiles
  • Individual advice
  • Contact guarantee

Depending on which premium membership you choose, the cost is between 40 and 80 euros per month and you have a different number of guaranteed contacts. According to the platform, payment can be made by direct debit, credit card or PayPal.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about ElitePartner at a glance

How can I cancel ElitePartner?
If you do not cancel the contract with ElitePartner 3 months before it expires, the premium membership will be extended automatically. It therefore makes sense to read the terms and conditions and note the date for the last possible time of termination. Cancellation should always be made in writing as a letter by registered mail or fax in order to avoid discussions and delays.

Is there an ElitePartner app for smartphones?
Yes, a free app is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store for Android. You can use the app to perform all functions that you could perform on a PC - with the exception of registering and taking out a premium membership.

What are so-called single coachings?
In single coaching sessions, which take place over the phone, by email or in person, experienced psychologists advise on the topics of partner search, profile advice, relationship anxiety, sexuality and love. This individual advice is included in the premium membership. The ElitePartner experts can only be reached at certain times, which can be found on the website of the single exchange.

What is the "EliteMagazin"?
In the free EliteMagazin you will find reports about love, relationships as well as advice, blogs, interviews and psychological tests. It is considered a helpful source of information with tips on online dating.

eDarling - Colorful user group and medium price level

The German single exchange eDarling was founded in 2008 by Affinitas GmbH and is now active in over 24 countries. According to its own statement, eDarling is one of the leading online dating agencies in Germany and has a membership of almost 2.5 million in Germany and 13 million across Europe.

The Berlin company is less elitist than the competition and is aimed at a diverse, middle-class audience. The average age for men is 38.5 and for women 39.6 years. In the following sections we present this single exchange based on the aspects of registration, contact and prices.

The most important things at a glance:

  • Members: 52 percent women, 48 percent men
  • More than 650,000 active members per week
  • Free app and good partner suggestions
  • Hardly any fake profiles thanks to a detailed profile check
  • Target group: ages 18 and up
  • According to the platform, 2,500 new users every day

Register with eDarling - this is how it works

The registration process at eDarling takes place in three simple steps:

  1. Register for free with your own email address
  2. Take a free personality test and get the result
  3. Upload profile picture and set profile information

Registration by email is quick and easy by confirming your email address to eDarling. We present the two other steps in the following paragraphs:

Step 1: the free personality test
When registering with eDarling, you have to complete a free and scientifically based personality test, which, according to the dating service, takes 30 to 45 minutes and includes almost 280 questions. Due to the time required and because you cannot change details later, there is a practical memory function so that you can log out in between if you have to leave spontaneously.

The communication principle of eDarling is to create an individual personality profile from all the answers to the test in order to determine suitable partner suggestions on this basis. It is based on a five-factor model that the dating site itself calls "Big 5". It is divided into the following 5 dimensions:

  1. Conscientiousness: flexible vs. controlled
  2. Openness: down-to-earth vs. willing to experiment
  3. Compatibility: distant vs. compassionate
  4. Neuroticism: collected vs. sensitive
  5. Extraversion: introverted vs. extroverted

As a free member, you already receive an overview of your personality based on these dimensions. With a premium membership at eDarling you can download a complete PDF document with explanations of your own personality. Some questions you will come across in the questionnaire include: