How much is the tax in Dubai

Fiona Erdmann has been there for over three years, Sami Slimani at least for 1.5 years and recently the Harrisons have also been among the more or less famous residents of Dubai. And according to TV satirist Jan Böhmermann, that's not because of the wonderful weather and the picturesque beaches - no, the reason why a lot of German influencers are supposedly drawn to the Persian Gulf is just the money. But you save in Dubai really so many Taxes? wmn checked that.

How many taxes do you really pay in Dubai?

In its last broadcast of ZDF Magazine Royale buttoned himself Jan Böhmermann presented a lot of German influencers who emigrated to Dubai to advertise the supposed paradise there - and replenish your account. Because according to Böhmermann I will "Earned money in Dubai with German reach, but paid no tax".

But is that really true? Is Dubai really such a tax haven? To sum it up in a nutshell: Yes. In fact, you hardly pay any taxes here. No income tax is levied in Dubai. For comparison: In Germany, 42 percent of the salary is flipped over from an income of 57,052 euros. 

In Dubai, however, it is not just wages that are tax-free. The pension and capital income, such as dividends, interest and capital gains, do not have to be taxed either. And there is no tax to be paid even on owning real estate. Likewise, no taxes have to be paid on inheritances and gifts.

There is a tax in Dubai after all

Does that sound like a tax fairy tale to you? Well, there are a few taxes to be paid in Dubai. When real estate is resold, a transfer fee of 4% is due for real estate transactions. This is usually paid by the buyer or the buyer.

And: Since January 1st, 2018 there has also been a VAT in Dubai. But that is extremely moderate compared to Germany. While we pull down 19% in this country, it is just 5% in the United Arab Emirates.

... and of course there is a catch

If you are already thinking about packing your bags to imitate the influencers, you should first read the fine print. Because of course it all sounds too good to be true. If you want to work from Dubai, you need a license from National Media Council and must, according to Böhmermann "Propaganda Treaty" sign.

In it the new citizens of Dubai commit themselves to to express nothing about religious or political matters or about heads of state. On top of that, they are supposed to be for a "Positive image" the city.

According to the satirist, anyone who can sign up for a clear conscience will join in Free travel, lavish feasts at state expense and one "Pocket money"rewarded.

If you want to know more about this "Propaganda Treaty" got on, check this out ZDF Magazine Royale from February 19, 2021.

By the way: influencers are not seen as positively everywhere in the world as in Dubai. In New Zealand, for example, they have only just been reprimanded for bad behavior.

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