Why is China being demonized

Western naivety?

The most populous country on earth is led by a communist party - and operates a successful capitalism. The country is on the way to compete with the USA as the leading nation in the world. The conflicts are correspondingly intense, fueled by an undiplomatic President in the White House in Washington. But is the country striving, is the CCP really striving for world domination? This is suggested by a pamphlet by the Australian ethics professor Clive Hamilton and the German "China expert" Mareike Ohlberg. They prophesy of a "silent conquest," an infiltration of Western democracies through Beijing. You draw a picture that makes you shudder, should spread horror. According to the authors, the "naivete of the West" should instill even greater fear.

They complain that China is exerting influence on the "New Silk Road", which they suspect of economic blackmail potential, and warn of offensive political, military and industrial espionage on the part of China, while at the same time the country is isolating itself more and more from Western influences. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese students would be sent to the best US and European universities to be educated as future elites in their country at great financial expense, while at the same time being held ideologically by the rulers far away in their homeland through a sophisticated system . Readers who are not easily manipulated will suspect the CIA as ghostwriters.

With regard to Germany, dealt with in a chapter devoted to Europe, the authors registered the "Fall of Man" decades ago, committed by the then Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, who initiated diplomatic relations with China. The political elite of France had also fallen for Chinese rapprochement in the last few decades. The authors state the same for Great Britain and other European countries.

In their hymn to the freedom of expression and freedom of the press, which China does not grant, the duo defamed the translation of classical works of Western intellectual history into Chinese as irrelevant. Irrelevant? The current issue of the "Zeitschrift für Ideengeschichte" (Journal for the History of Ideas), dedicated to Hegel's upcoming 200th birthday, reports on two monumental transcriptions of Hegel editions, a five-volume edition of Fichte's works and a 22-volume Schelling complete edition in Chinese. Philosophers of so-called German idealism, from which no ideological honey can be sucked for the CCP! But that's not all. The authors complain about economic cooperation. German plant, automobile and machine manufacturers who do lucrative business in China would therefore help finance China's expansion course.

The authors also discredit cultural exchanges and scientific conferences with a Western presence in China or a Chinese one in the West as a building block for the establishment of a new world order dominated by China. One lesson from human history, however, is that whoever does not speak to one another will at some point shoot each other. The "New Silk Road" is certainly not a disinterested development project, but it offers advantages to all participating states. The West cannot show anything comparable. Its classic development aid has long been considered a failure.

Martial pamphlets like this book, which do not reveal any nuances, no trace of doubt, reflection and discussion, which criminalize any opinion other than that of Beijing, are "dead bulls".

Clive Hamilton / Mareike Ohlberg: The silent conquest. How China is infiltrating western democracies and reorganizing the world. A. d. Engl. V. Stephan Gebauer-Lippert. DVA, 496 pp., Hardcover, € 26.

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