Life for Doctors in the UAE

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Ambulance: Phone 998 (Please give the exact location as possible!)

Below is a non-binding list of hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates.
The state hospitals are generally well equipped, but treat tourists and foreigners without an Emirati health insurance only in acute emergencies.
Who is in private institutions (Doctor's offices and hospitals) has to pay there immediately. Foreign health insurance is usually not presented for the costs incurred; the patient must first pay the bill himself and later submit it to his insurance company for reimbursement.

According to a fundamental ruling by the Federal Social Court, the German statutory health insurance companies are not obliged to provide benefits abroad. The German diplomatic missions abroad cannot pay bills for medical treatment under any circumstances.

A Return flight is usually only provided by air rescue companies in medically justified emergencies. It is strongly recommended to arrange this in advance with the insurance company / air rescue service. Under no circumstances can the German diplomatic missions request a return flight themselves or assume the costs.


The regional doctor informs

Since August 2015, Dr. Wiesenbacher the regional doctor's office in Nairobi. The tropical medicine specialist knows his area of ​​responsibility in East and Central Africa and the Gulf States well from regular trips.

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