Why should we encourage foreign employment?

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The law provides for the waiting periods for vocational preparation measures to be shortened. Anyone who entered the country before August 1, 2019 can take part in preparatory measures after a three-month waiting period. For persons who entered Germany afterwards, there are deadlines of nine months for tolerated persons and 15 months for asylum seekers with a residence permit.

For refugees for whom it is not yet clear whether they will stay in Germany permanently, a deadline rule also applies: They will only receive access to integration and work-related language courses if they entered the country before August 1, 2019. The prerequisite is a three-month stay in Germany before the start of funding. Anyone who enters after the deadline with unclear prospects to stay is no longer entitled to funding.

More support in vocational training

The law also makes it easier for foreigners to gain access to vocational training funding. This particularly helps with the integration of young people with a refugee background.

So far, many refugees have only been able to receive training grants after long periods of previous residence in Germany, or they have no access to financial support at all. The law will make it easier for them to complete an apprenticeship in the future and prevent them from taking up unskilled jobs in order to earn money.

The law also gives refugees with young children access to integration courses for the first time. Mothers in particular benefit from this innovation.