Are there Uber drivers in Singapore

Hey dude, where is my grave !?

Grave at Bali Airport

So we stood in front of the Bali airport and ordered a driver through Grab. Meanwhile we were showered with taxi calls over and over again. As experienced and enthusiastic Grab users, we wanted to do without the overpriced taxis and book a private vehicle via the app. Unfortunately we were followed for several hundred meters by one of the taxi drivers who wanted to convince us that he also uses Grab and that we could book him right away. But since there is also a price difference between Grab and Grab taxi, we have repeatedly refused. When he became more and more intrusive and we no longer reacted, he insisted that we have to leave the airport. "Grave prohibited at Bali airport," said the taxi driver. It's taxi area and grab drivers are not allowed. Unimpressed by this, we finally found a driver who picked us up from the 3rd floor of the airport parking garage. It's right in front of the airport. With instructions from the driver, we quickly found the pick-up location.

Later we learned that there was a bitter war between the taxi drivers and the Grab drivers, during which Grab drivers were beaten until they were hospitalized. In some parts of the island (e.g. Ubud and Canggu) there are even no grave zones imposed by the taxi mafia. Drop-offs are still tolerated, but hiring a Grab driver to pick you up is almost impossible, unless it's hidden in back alleys where the taxi drivers can't see you.

TIP: If you want to be picked up from the airport with Grab, you should order the driver at the baggage carousel after landing. Give him your name and tell him to stand in the arrivals hall with a name tag. This is how the taxi drivers think that they are employees of a shuttle service. A Grab driver gave us the tip.