When was Westminster Abbey built

Westminster Abbey

One of the most famous and beautiful churches in London is the Westminster Abbey. This is also known far beyond the borders of Great Britain. According to tradition, all queens and kings of England are solemnly crowned and buried in this church. Due to its function, Westminster Abbey does not belong to the Church of England, but is a church that belongs to the monarchy.

Under Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey was built within 20 years, between 1045 and 1065. Edward was the first king to be buried there in 1163 - after his canonization. Over the years the church has been rebuilt or expanded several times. So began in 1245 Heinrich III. the conversion to the early Gothic style and in the 15th century a part of the west facade was added. The two main towers were built in 1722 and 1745. These were built by Christopher Wren, Nicholas Hawksmoor and John James.

Since William the Conqueror, all kings of England have been crowned in Westminster Abbey. This coronation was and is traditionally performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Most recently, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. All kings were buried there until 1760. The last was George II.

Many queens and kings and other statesmen were buried in Westminster Abbey. These included Edward the Confessor, Henry III, Edward I, Henry V, Eleanor of Castile, Elizabeth I, and Charles II. These are important queens and kings of England. From 1714 the monarchs of the whole of Great Britain were buried here, e.g. Queen Anna and George II

By 1790, a total of 103 members of the royal family were buried here.