How do I take an online quiz

Which properties apply Quizzes to?

  1. They provide fun and entertainment.
  2. They encourage participation.
  3. They impart knowledge.
  4. They are popular with young and old.

You probably already guessed it: All four possible answers apply. People have a thing for question-and-answer games. The best proof is the countless numbers Quiz broadcasts on television: Time and again, new formats lure numerous viewers in front of the screens and encourage them to cheer and guess. Quizzes are as popular as they are successful not only on TV, but also online.

Create online quizzes for interactive learning

One of the reasons for this is the trend towards interactive learning. Creativity, efficiency and motivation in imparting knowledge are very important. Schools and universities as well as companies are increasingly relying on it multimedia e-learning modules in Moodle and ensure more personal responsibility and self-competence in training and further education. This often includes online quizzes, as these are ideal for checking the knowledge and teaching content of the quiz participants.

The quiz question: Use an online quiz as a marketing tool?

But quizzes are also popular in marketing: They provide a welcome change in digital communication with your target group, which also deals with your brand.

Integrated into your website or a social media channel has an impact Online quizzes are very likely to have a positive effect on the interaction rate and is therefore a promising method for lead generation and customer loyalty.

You can also obtain qualitative feedback in this way: Designed as a survey, you will receive answers to key questions about your company.

Create your own quiz: It works with these tools

Whether for the entertainment of your target group, for training your employees or for collecting information - with the right software you can quickly and easily create a wide variety of Create types of quizzes. "Quizmaker" is now a dime a dozen. In the following overview we introduce you to seven other common quiz tools and their functions.

1. HubSpot form designer

If you want to create your own quiz quickly, efficiently and for free, you can simply use HubSpot's form designer. This practical tool enables you to create your own form in no time using drag - and - drop and turn anonymous visitors to your site into leads.

Since you have various predefined field types here (for example, text entry fields for fill in the blank, drop-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes and the like), you can create not only forms, but also varied quizzes. And the best thing about it: The form designer is connected to your contact database, which allows you to synchronize all the data collected with your CRM.

Screenshot: HubSpot form designer

2. Fire quiz

A practical tool for creating an entertaining branded quiz in minutes is the brand quiz. Different types of forms, numerous templates and the high degree of customizability ensure creative design options.

The software also includes comprehensive integration options for CMS, e-mail marketing, CRM or marketing systems as well as a comprehensive analysis and reporting function. Particularly interesting for smaller companies: the free basic version includes up to 100 participants per month, and several upgrade models are available from 19 dollars per month.

3. Easy LMS

The Easy LMS e-learning management software from Quizworks offers user-friendly solutions for training and integrating employees and customers. With a wide range of tools, you can create interactive quizzes and surveys as well as online courses including testing and certification. Many types of quizzes and assignments available, such as: B. Multiple choice, fill in the gaps or picture questions ensure varied processing and audio and video files can also be integrated.

The content can be individually adapted to the appearance of your company and embedded in websites or social media channels. You can either analyze and evaluate user data and quiz results using the integrated statistics function or link them to your company's internal systems (e.g. CRM tools) using program interfaces.

The free trial version is available to try out Easy LMS. The subscription is then available - scaled according to participants and desired additional functions - from 18 euros for individuals or 45 euros for companies per month.

4. GoConqr Campus

Interactive and entertaining learning is the focus of the GoConqr social learning portal. GoConqr Campus was specially developed for knowledge transfer in companies. The tool can be used to set up specific learning environments in which your employees can exchange ideas and network. The software includes numerous features (e.g. mind maps, quizzes, index cards, diagrams, notes, etc.) to create information and training materials.

Using individually generated links, you can distribute the content in a structured manner both internally and externally. And the reporting function provides you with evaluations and statistics on accesses, interactions, answered questions and correct answers. GoConqr is free of charge as a demo version, prices for individual solutions are available on request.

5. Google Forms

If you're already using G Suite, Google Forms might be an interesting option. You can easily turn your created forms into a quiz using Google's free and easy-to-use form tool. Different types of questions and answer options such as B. short answers, multiple-choice questions, drop-down selections etc. are available as well as automatic summaries and evaluations of the number of points of individual answers. You can analyze the data directly in Google Sheets and send the results by email.

6. Kahoot

As one of the best-known e-learning platforms, widespread especially among teachers, Kahoot also offers interesting functions for companies. The tool is easy to use - interactive presentations, training documents, quizzes or surveys on any topic can be designed in just a few steps. Each quiz created is assigned a PIN code that can be used to participate via the website or the mobile app.

For each question there is a score that is evaluated at the end. You can play individually or in teams, as a live quiz or challenge with a specified expiry date. The basic version of Kahoot is free of charge, for extended functions (e.g. more question types, templates or branding options) there are various fee-based packages from 10 euros per month.

7. Riddle

Riddle is an interesting lead generation tool because its focus is on collecting email addresses. 15 different interactive functions (quiz, personality test, surveys, polls, etc.) with countless attractive features (e.g. time limits and competition functions, links to different landing pages depending on the quiz result, optional call-to-action and many more more) are available for selection and can be individually adapted using the intuitive drag-and-drop generator.

You can then easily export the collected data to your e-mail marketing software and use it - in compliance with GDPR, of course - for further marketing activities. You can test the free trial version of Riddle for two weeks, after which you can choose between three different paid subscriptions from 29 euros per month.

8. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey promises meaningful answers. The tool allows you to create surveys and questionnaires in minutes. Countless templates and question suggestions developed by experts are available to you as additional support. The layout and design can be adapted to the greatest possible extent, and the software also contains numerous integrations and APIs.

A user-friendly dashboard provides an overview and control of the collected results and of course GDPR-compliant security is guaranteed when storing and processing confidential data. In the basic version, SurveyMonkey can be used free of charge, for higher demands there are also various price models from 30 euros per user and month.

Conclusion: choose an online quiz provider according to your requirements

Which software is best for you depends on your goals and your personal needs. In order to get the most out of the quiz for your company, you should definitely consider two essential functions when making your decision:

The quiz tool should be easy to integrate into your online channels (such as website or social media) and you should be able to evaluate the collected quiz results with as little effort as possible.

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Originally published March 22, 2021, updated March 22, 2021

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