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Linen shirts for men

It's not always easy to have a wardrobe for every occasion, is it? That is why it is all the more important to choose the right fabrics that not only look particularly good, but can also stay in your wardrobe forever and last for many years.

For the warm days of the year there is only one fabric that cannot be sealed. Linen is your perfect companion for work and private if you want to appear well dressed in a shirt despite the heat. Linen shirts are special because they are natural, light and air-permeable. In addition, the fabric is strong, but at the same time soft and therefore very comfortable. Say goodbye to sweaty summer days on the way to the office. And discover the diversity of linen shirts.

The linen shirts come in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite color. The most popular colors are the light and neutral colors, such as white, ivory, ecru or light brown. But that doesn't mean you can't wear dark linen shirts. It all depends on your personality and your mood of the day.

Linen shirts are available in many colors. Mostly colorful, but also available in classic white or black. The light and neutral colors such as ivory, ecru or beige are particularly popular.
Are the monochrome models too boring? Then try a patterned linen shirt. A beautiful pattern gives your linen shirt a special freshness. Discover our selection Linen shirts and let yourself be inspired.

Some tips

• The fit is very important. Slim fit shirts are all the rage right now, but if slim fit isn't for you, there are linen shirts with a different cut too. Discover our collection of linen shirts for more inspiration

• The underwear should be skin-colored or white. Otherwise we can see everything under the linen fabric. Therefore, stay away from dark underwear.

• To have the perfect look, wear one Leather beltto your linen shirt. For short-cut shirts, we recommend a thin leather belt. For shirts with a longer cut, you can wear a thicker belt with it. This makes your outfit look more casual.

• Don't forget that a linen shirt is flexible to wear. You can wear it on formal and casual events. Combined with chinos your look looks elegant, together with jeans casual. For an elegant look or with jeans for a casual look.

• The linen fabric wrinkles very easily. So please don't be surprised if it looks messy. Grab an iron. If you are looking for a wrinkle-free look, we recommend a linen shirt in a dark color. The wrinkles are not noticeable on dark linen shirts.

Now it's up to you whether a linen shirt fits into your wardrobe. At Hockerty, we believe that a linen shirt belongs in every wardrobe, especially for the summer months. Linen is the only material for shirts that is breathable and makes your everyday life easier if you want to look good. Discover our current collection on Hockerty.com for inspiration:

Linen shirt inspirations

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