Why does my friend scare me

Answer from Dana


His behavior would scare me too, my love would vanish into thin air with every moment of fear and I would be too important to myself to stay. You will have to decide whether this is your path too. It is up to you whether you should leave him. Only you can say that; The will has to come from you so that you can enforce and live it.

Could he change? I dont know. What do you think? How close is his upbringing to himself and how right does he feel? He says you can get him this far. For me this is the clear statement that he does not see the mistake in himself, but in you. And so he himself stands in the way of change. You see, I very much doubt that one day he will have control of himself and deal with anger differently ...

It is certainly common as an adult to look for what you got as a child; that things repeat themselves. But it's not a must. Because it is your decision whether you accept it, whether you let yourself be beaten and lead this relationship. This is not something that lies in the past, it is in front of you. And so it is also in your hands. Our past shapes us, gives us empirical values ​​on the way - what we do with this experience is up to us. Is It Normal To Be Hit? No. You can break the circle.

All the best!