Why will apink never hit snsd

73. Luhan is the only one who knows how to cook ramen with eggs.

74. Kris and Tao have many pairs of matching earrings, one putting on the right, one the left.

75. In terms of acting, Suho wants to get a role by playing a bad boy.

76. Exo-K members know that D.O. it hates when people make loud noises while eating.

77. Sehun's stage name should be Reo.

78. Lay hates it when Luhan takes away in his food, so Lay once put chili powder in Luhan's food and Luhan got food poisoning.

79. Whenever Kai is scared, Sehun will laugh at him.

80. Baekhyun thinks that Chanyeol is not a good liar because as soon as he wants to lie he makes funny faces and twitches.

81. Kris is a lazy dancer, once positioned backwards, he is not choreographed properly.

82. Chanyeol has a white cat he wanted to call Baekki, but Baekhyun hated that name, so the cat is now called Baekyeol.

83. When Kris heard the Tao Xiumin addressed as "Oppa ...", Kris also wanted to address the Tao in as "Oppa ...".

84. Tao mentioned that Kris is very charming and therefore has many women as fans who are older than in.

85. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are known as the "mood makers" in Exo.

86. Kris was born in China but lived in Canada most of the time.

87. Lay was a child star in China and he was also the dancer substitute for SHINee Jonghyun during her 2011 tour.

88. Sehun thinks that Baekhyun looks the most beautiful of all with makeup.

89. Kris is the only one who manages to cheer up Tao after his crying attacks.

90. When Tao is bored, he persuades Kris to go shopping with him.

91. Chanyeol has the longest feet in Exo.

92. Kai is friends with Taemin (SHINee).

93. Kris is hard to wake up. The only one who manages to wake him up is Tao.

94. A fan saw Kris knock on Baekhyun's head and then Chanyeol knocked on Kris's head, insulted.

95. The first thing Chanyeol thinks about as soon as he gets up is whether Baekhyun slept well.

96. A fan said to Luhan that he had beautiful long eyelashes.

97. Kai is a fan of Michael Jackson.

98. Luhan is a fan of Donald Duck, so when he was at Disneyland he had an emotional breakdown.

99. Sehun finds that age does not play a role in love.

100. If Kris doesn't like one, he ignores that one.

101. Tao likes to hit Kris with a water bottle.

102. Chanyeol likes to compare his shoe size to Baekhyun.

103. Kris loves to sing in his room. Lay always laughs at him, but Tao loves to listen to Kris.

104. Chanyeol loves to sleep in Kais and D.O.'s room, which is why Baekhyun calls him "street bum".

105. Fans noticed that when Baekhyun wears a t-shirt, Chanyeol wears it himself after a few days.