Stress can cause morning vomiting


Most people are familiar with vomiting. There is hardly anyone who has never been bad in life and who then vomited. According to the definition, vomiting causes the contents of the stomach to be gushed out through the mouth - and thus also the trigger such as bacteria, viruses or toxins. The body tries to get rid of harmful things as quickly as possible. So vomiting is a protective reaction of the body and a natural reflex.

Vomiting is just a symptom that something is wrong in the body, and not a disease in itself. Vomiting can have very different causes. Often the trigger is harmless, for example if you have eaten the wrong thing. Vomiting can also be a symptom of a serious illness. Most people feel sick at first, which is very uncomfortable. Many then feel the vomiting itself as a relief.

children vomiting more often than adults. Your digestive system is much more sensitive, it reacts more cautiously. Vomiting affects young children in particular because they are not yet used to many food components and foods.

The classic "peasant" at infant shortly after a meal of milk or porridge is not considered to be vomiting. A small amount of the meal comes up again. This spitting or spitting is normal because the upper gastric sphincter to the esophagus is not fully developed in the first few months of life.