Do you lose hope in humanity

There is hope when your world collapses

Last update: 27th February, 2017

"The loneliest moment in a person's life is when he sees his world collapse and there is nothing he can do but watch."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

At certain moments in our lives the harmony that existed before breaks. It's like a puzzle with one piece that doesn't fit right. What happened? Why is everything suddenly turning against us? The otherwise strong and secure pillars are now being transformed into weak pillars, the are full of cracks.

Maybe your work is going badly now, or you have problems with your partner, or one illness presses your life. You will definitely feel spoken to and understand completely what it means feeling passed out while everything around you collapses.

But none of this has to be negative. Never give up, even if you lose hope that everything will be fine. Below we are going to tell you what you can do when you see your world collapse without anything you can do about it.

Get to work!

Get relief

We must not accept the situation, nor lose hope and give up. Even if your world is torn to pieces, always remind yourself that giving up is not an option. Do you really want to stop before you've even tried? Do not deviate from the topic, but speak up! This is the first step in tackling the real problem.

"The best warrior is not the one who always wins, but the one who goes into battle without fear."

Dolores Ibárruri

You can take some time to think, to do something new. But the main thing you should do is cry.Cry because you need it. After that you will be reborn and you will rise with strength to face all the problems that come your way.

Allow yourself to get relief. This will not make you weaker, it will make you stronger. It will also allow you to take the time to think about how to address the problem. What will the next step be?

Never give up. Everything has a solution. You are not made to adjust and accept defeat.

Cherish every moment of happiness

Not everything is going bad. Looking back can be encouraging and empowering. Cherish all the moments when you were happy, when you were really happy. Not everything is bad! It's just that we do not appreciate it when everything is going well, whereas we notice when everything is going badly.

An example is when we have the flu or some other illness that is keeping us at home and in bed. In this moment we cherish the moments when we were healthy, but am I not right that you didn't do it before?

Don't wait until it's too late. Cherish every moment of happiness that joins the remaining chaos. Use this to gather strength and prepare for what is to come. Even if there is nothing you can do, you won't always be in this situation.

I know it's discouraging when an evil lasts a long time but sooner or later it will pass! Don't lose faith, don't stop, be strong! Everything will be fine.

When the sun shines again

“As long as the storm lasts, the sun starts shining again and again between the clouds.”

Khalil Gibran

After a long period of struggle, when you have run out of strength, things will seem to start all over again. When you least expect it, you will start smiling again with hope. Everything will be fine and you will start all over again not being able to appreciate the moments that could be called “perfect”. Do not do that!

Don't give up hope because your efforts will be rewarded. Sometimes we try to find something in things that works against us, but it doesn't even exist. Things just happen and you have to face them. We will learn from it, we will become stronger and we will achieve that we value the moments when everything is good.

A negative attitude will make you isolate and make the bad feel attracted. Be strong and don't complain! Face this challenge with hope and maturity and you will emerge victorious. Your posture will let you see a ray of sunshine in so much darkness. Things are going to get better, really.