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Translation for "During this time" in English

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during this period at this time in this time during that time during that period during which time in this period
During this time the drive system must be switched off.
During this time the world experienced its greatest economic crisis in years.
During this time Agents continue to protect your clients.
During this time she painted landscapes, portraits and figure pictures.
During this time the brand merchandisemich was developed.
During this time he organized anti-imperialist movements.
During this time Refunds or returns cannot be made.
During this time the regimental headquarters was in Regensburg.
During this time he studied mathematics in his spare time.
During this time the system has been continuously developed.
During this time the patients were not allowed to change their dose.
During this time he created some of his best paintings.
During this time get free support and system upgrades.
During this time she suffered a variety of inhumane tortures.
During this time the recorder remains in standby mode.
During this time your health is monitored.
During this time you must take the study medication.
During this time the green LED of the replacement drive flashes.
During this time however, growth was hampered by congestion issues and capacity constraints.
However, during that period Growth has been affected by congestion problems and capacity constraints.
During this time all domestic investigations were suspended.
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