Why does my friend never call me

My friend never answers, he only answers if I'm lucky:

[COLOR = # 000000] My friend and I have been together for 1 year.
The problem at the moment is that he NEVER contacts me. Even if I write to him, he'll only answer if I'm lucky.

For example, I wrote him a really nice sms 4 days ago, saying how much I love him, even if it is sometimes difficult. Etc. (wanted to show him that I still stand by him) do you think I got an answer? NO ... how I would have loved to get something back. He gets it from me, but ME ?!
We saw each other for the last time, 4 days ago ... since then I haven't heard from him. No sms, no call and as I said, no answer to my sms.

He hasn't even contacted me for the past few weeks. Since he and I can only see each other 1-2 times a week, you can imagine that 5-6 times too! Days go by WITHOUT any contact.

He doesn't write how I feel, nothing at all. How dead.

When we meet, he is very kind and nice to me. THEN I feel loved, but only then. I also notice that he is happy to see me. I hear NOTHING between meetings.

A week goes by without hearing anything. And that for about 2 months. He always had phases when he wrote less. But never so extreme.

He knows HIMSELF that he writes little. He said of his own accord the other day, but doesn't change anything about it.

I don't find it normal not to hear from my partner for days. If I write once, he could at least give answers.

I feel unloved and neglected right now am desperate and ask me why and why. I don't understand, I love him so much ... but his behavior is not normal, is it? [/ COLOR]