What is the best alternative to Grindr

What have you already experienced on Grindr?

Finding true love on Grindr is a difficult endeavor. The dating app is decried as a sex club - and was recently criticized for having passed on confidential user data such as HIV status and place of residence.

Aside from Tinder, Grindr is one of the most famous dating applications on the market and is specially designed for bisexual and homosexual men. In contrast to Tinder, as a user you have your own profile and see who is currently online in your environment. And as with any dating app, Grindr also has the most absurd stories.

The chat hell

Abysses are particularly evident in the application's chats. So it is not uncommon to be sent a Dickpic without having asked for it, or to be asked whether you are willing to go to bed with someone for "pocket money". If you are too ugly to the other person, you will be blocked, sometimes the men only present themselves with their bare chests. Humor and friendliness are nobody's strengths anyway, and nobody formulates complete sentences anyway. A "fun?" there is already poetry. The best conversations are posted on the Best of Grindr Instagram page:

You can always go weirder

As users say on "Buzzfeed", the real dates are not really much better then. For example, user kevindallash met at home on a Grindr date whose entire house was decorated with creepy dolls.

Or: User t413c16c57 met with an older man in a hotel room. Days later the older one writes to him that he knows his mother. When he asks his mother how she knows his sex partner from, she replies that she lost her virginity to him at the time.

What horror stories have you experienced?

What was the best or most absurd chat you have had? And which Grindr date do you particularly remember? (rec, April 24, 2018)