Fishing is a boring hobby

Hello community

You probably all know that, you sit with friends at the regulars table of course all non-anglers with a cozy round of beer and then the topic comes to your hobby fishing.

The first exclamations are man is fishing boring what are you doing all day or fishermen are all drunkards who need a crate of beer when fishing or fishermen are only sadists who like to torture living beings!

I always reply to the first statement, what is more boring than fishing yourself - watching the fishing! (Then there is rest in the box for the time being - mostly).

But most of them tease right after golf is even more bland than fishing, most of my non-fishing friends don't understand that I don't necessarily have to catch something, but that fishing is a kind of meditation for me to find peace and relaxation that I don't need a beer when I sit by the water and stare at a float or feeder rod tip and I enjoy nature to the fullest, if available.

That I don't care what the world thinks about my hobby, that I just enjoy being alone to have ideas and ideas about God and the world!

And that I am happy about every fish that I can outsmart like a little boy over Christmas with a present.

Do you know something like that, how do you deal with non-fishing enthusiasts, how do you explain your hobby to them?