What is an ideal marriage like

This is what all newlyweds should know: The 10 best tips for a happy marriage

The divorce statistics speak for themselves: a good every second marriage ends in divorce. This need not be! Love is of course the most important basis for a happy marriage, but you have to invest time and work in every partnership so that it works over the long term. But how does your marriage actually hold up "until death do you part?"

You only have to consider a few small things in everyday life. If you do that, you have a very good chance of a long, happy marriage. Here are the ten best tips:

Tip # 1 for a happy marriage: Team spirit

Even before the wedding, you were not just an ME, but also a WE. But by now you should get used to including your partner in all important decisions. After all, you're a team and it's made up of two people and two opinions.

Tip # 2 for a happy marriage: Arguing properly

Arguing is part of the process of having a happy, balanced marriage. It's completely normal, because after all, you don't always have to agree. To keep arguments from becoming a problem, learn to speak fairly about problems.

Save yourself generalizations and instead of "You always do ..." rather say "It bothers me that you today ..." Do not attack your partner personally or try to hurt them on purpose. If both are very upset and a quiet conversation is not possible, you can take a break from the argument and continue talking when both have calmed down.

Tip # 3 for a happy marriage: time for yourself

You are a we, but of course not only. About marriage, don't forget that you have hobbies of your own, friends of your own, and a life alongside your partner. Spends time alone sometimes.

Tip # 4 for a happy marriage: Surprises

Small surprises enliven everyday life! Regardless of whether it is a nice gesture, a favor or a gift: Make your partner a little joy on a regular basis. These little things are very important for a happy marriage, because they show the partner much more than any "I love you" how deep the feelings go for him.

Tip # 5 for a happy marriage: no comparisons

Comparisons are rarely a good idea: That goes for the relationship too. Don't compare yourself to other couples. You are you and you can never look behind the facade anyway. So don't feel bad because you often sit on the sofa on the weekend while a couple of friends are always on the go. After all, everyone relaxes differently.

Tip # 6 for a happy marriage: respect & tolerance

That actually goes without saying, unfortunately one observes time and again that respect is lacking in some relationships. Just like tolerance. In order for you to have a chance of a happy and long marriage, you should take your partner for who he is. With all its quirks and quirks. Changing it will not work. And never forget: you are partners on an equal footing.

Tip # 7 for a happy marriage: have fun

In everyday life, the light-heartedness that one had in the first few months of the relationship is often lost. Try to have fun together as often, do something. And just be silly and do something crazy.

Tip # 8 for a happy marriage: openness

Secrets or the fear of speaking up: none of this has much to do with a happy marriage. Sure you can have little secrets, but nothing that directly affects your partner. You should also be able to talk openly about anything to one another. Those who constantly eat their anger into themselves become frustrated and at some point take it out on the other.

Tip no. 9 for a happy marriage: Take time out from everyday life

Drive away, see what else: drive away as often as possible for a day or a weekend. Change of location enlivens the relationship and ensures variety and satisfaction at lightning speed. You don't have to go far. To a nice town nearby or to a beautiful lake.

Tip # 10 for a happy marriage: showing love

You love each other, but do you show and tell each other that even after many years together? It is important for a happy marriage to show how much they mean to you. Say what you like so much about him, compliment him.

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