Why did David kill Goliath

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Goliath was a warrior from the Philistine people. He came from the city of Gat. In 1 Samuel 17 the proverbial fight of the young David against the gigantic Goliath is told. Goliath is not only portrayed as superhumanly tall and strong, but also as particularly well equipped. He wears a helmet, scale armor and greaves made of bronze. The specified weight of the tank alone, at almost 60 kg, exceeds any human measure. As weapons, Goliath carries a bronze curved sword and a particularly thick spear. Nobody dares to take up the fight with him. When the story tells that the shepherd, armed only with a slingshot, defeated David Goliath, it wants to make it clear that it is not weapons and physical strength that decide victory, but trust in the assistance of God.

According to another tradition, it was Elhanan, the son of Ja vonr of Bethlehem, who killed Goliath (2 Samuel 21:19). Possibly two narratives merged in the story of David and Goliath: one of David's victory over a (perhaps initially nameless) Philistine warrior and one of the killing of Goliath by a hero of Israel. In 1st Chronicle 20,5 a balance is attempted between the David and the Elhanan tradition: Here Elhanan is awarded the victory over a brother of Goliath.

One of the five capitals of the Philistines.
David was the most important king in the history of Israel (around 1000 BC).
Metal alloy with a high proportion of copper. It was used to make weapons and objects for worship.
A leather strap with the help of which a stone could be thrown about 200 m.