Really killed Kattappa Baahubali

Why Kattappa didn't kill Bhallaladeva

You may be confusing some of the plot elements here.

Obviously, Kattappa has to serve the throne. Killing or executing someone is the power that Rajmatha Shivagami had. That's why he killed Amrendra.

When Shivagami declared Mahendra as the new king, Kattappa Mahendra had to serve, but Bhallaldeva attacked his mother with an arrow and she fell into the water.

At that time everyone assumed that Shivagami and Mahendra were dead.Hence, Kattappa must serve Bhallaldeva and because of his vow he could not kill Bhallal for 25 years.

But when he found that Mahendra was alive, he began to obey him.

Kattappa to Mahendra : We all thought you were dead, but your grandma gave you life by sacrificing her breath.


+1 for the answer, however killing or executing someone is the power that Rajmatha Shivagami had.That's why he killed Amrendra When Shivagami ordered Bahubali to be killed, Bhallala was the king

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Yes, he was, but only Shivagami had that power. Try to remember the part when Bijjaldeva asked Bhalla to give an order to kill Baahubali. This was after the break.


When Bhallala and Bijjala tried to kill Shivagami, Kattappa tried to save them. When he fell and the opponents put their swords around his neck, he did not move. If he's a real slave, he should sacrifice his life to save her.Why he didn't try to wake up and kill Bhallala