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Actually, I'm really busy with my thesis, but sometimes I can't avoid "clicking around" on the internet. I came across 4 blogs that deal with topics related to social work. I blog that because in the course of my studies I have often typed the words “blogs social work” into the search engine and have never found anything.

It is all the more gratifying that I got astray in my research and found these blogs:

The blog of Mechthild Seithe, a professor at a university of applied sciences. Unfortunately, the blog does not tell you exactly which FH it is - or I am simply blind. The blog serves as an exchange platform for students and was created during their book "Black Book Social Work - The State Sells Its Children". The blog takes a very critical look at the future and importance of social work.


Welcome! My name is Sabine Depew and I blog here about trends, topics and projects from my charitable work. This blog was created as part of the project “We think education further”.


I am a social worker myself and also blog regularly on a wide variety of topics in the field of interpersonal, social work, psychology, personal development, etc.

Have fun clicking through!

Of course, I am happy to receive blog recommendations :-)

Update: The blog “Perspektiven zur Sozialarbeit 2.0” has now got its own domain and is under.

Update 12/2015: Tidy. I crossed out blogs that no longer exist and removed the link. For this 2 new ones came in.

Update: 11/2016: I'm still thrilled that the post continues to be clicked. A much nicer list can be found at Benedikt Geyer. Sign up there so that his contribution will be pushed. In 2017 I want to close my blog.