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Kassensturz tests - Deodorant: Which one best removes the smell

Not everyone would do this to themselves: As a "sniffer" sniffing around the armpits of test persons. Note on armpits that are not freshly washed. Why do women and men sniff the armpit sweat of others?

Test laboratories use specially trained sniffers to evaluate the effectiveness of deodorants. If the armpits smell bad despite deodorant, the tested deodorant fails; if there are no bad smells, the deodorant has proven its effectiveness.

Smell after 24 hours in the same top

This was also the case in the joint test by “Kassensturz” and the French consumer magazine FRC: Sniffers sniffed countless armpits in a specialized Italian laboratory that had been sprayed with the tested deodorant. Only one armpit was sprayed at a time, the other left untreated in order to get a valid comparison.

24 hours passed between spraying and sniffing, during which 12 test persons - women and men - were not allowed to wash or change their clothes.

In the test are 13 of the best-selling deodorant sprays. 4 each are made for women and men, 5 more for both genders. & Nbsp; The difference between the deodorants & nbsp; for men and women? Especially the perfume: musk for men, floral for women. Deodorant sprays make up almost half of the deodorant sold, while deodorant rollers also make up a similarly high proportion.

Deodorants work in two ways:

- On the one hand, they prevent sweating thanks to the aluminum salts, which close the sweat glands, and partly also talc, which absorbs moisture.
& nbsp; This antiperspirant effect works relatively well with all sprays in the test: Slightly worse with the & nbsp; unisex deodorant Prix Garantie from Coop and & nbsp; M-Budget from Migros, the women's deodorant brands Narta and Fa and the men's brands Rexona and Ax. & Nbsp;
The best thing, however, was the anti-perspiration effect of Rexona Women Cristal Clear aqua, where the spray reduced evaporation by 44 percent. For comparison: With the Deo-Spray M-Budget, the value is 23%, which was classified as still acceptable.

- Since sweating cannot be completely prevented, the deodorizing ingredients are used. They reduce the formation of odors, and the perfume of the sprays also covers unpleasant odors. & Nbsp;
& nbsp; In this test point, the results of almost all sprays are convincing.
Buyers of the deodorant brands Narta and Nivea for Men have to cut back on the deodorant effect. After 24 hours, the snoopers observed a waning effect.

A person sweats a whole liter a day. It's even more on hot summer days. Thanks to the evaporation, the human organism regulates the body temperature even when it is very hot. The unpleasant consequences do not come from sweating itself. It is the bacteria on the skin that make the bad smells possible.

So was tested

  • Antiperspirant effect (weighting for test result 30%): How well can the sprays reduce sweating? The test was carried out by the laboratory using a moisture meter called a corneometer.
  • Deodorizing effect (20%): Sniffers - trained olfactory noses - sniffed the treated and untreated armpits and rated the deodorizing effect of the sprays.
  • Residues / stains on clothes (20%): Are there any color changes on the clothes?
  • Ease of use (15%): Are the sprays easy to use, do they spray in the expected direction?
  • Labeling (10%): Are all the necessary information on the packaging, such as warnings and composition?
  • Packaging (5%): Isn't the deodorant packed unnecessarily?


  • Spray the entire armpit evenly for two seconds so that a fine film covers the entire armpit. Ideal distance: approx. 15 cm, one hand wide.
  • Wait a few seconds after spraying before putting on your clothes. This avoids staining.
  • Apply only to washed and well-dried skin.
  • In the evening, wash off the deodorant (even if the bottle says it will work for 48 hours) and let the skin breathe deodorant-free overnight so that the skin does not react with irritation.
  • It makes sense to change the deodorant from time to time to prevent sensitization to ingredients and resistance in the bacteria.
  • Avoid breathing in the spray as best you can. Or use roll-on deodorant. Depending on the spray, particles can penetrate the lungs.
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