Why do we really need FSI FAR

Let the sun shine in! How much protection do we really need?

Lots of sun in your heart & protection on your skin

Everything revolves around them: the sun. It is the source of power for all life processes - it warms, makes you happy, illuminates the psyche and provides us with the necessary vitamins. But the dangerous UV rays can damage our skin and accelerate skin aging.

Include the rays of light from the sun UVA, UVB and UVC rays. What's the difference here?

UVA rays: cause skin damage

UVA rays are long-wave and can therefore penetrate deeper into the skin. They tan, but do not build up any protection from light. These rays are mainly responsible for the aging of the skin. There is also a high risk of melanoma due to the formation of free radicals. Your sun product should therefore also bear the UVA logo.

UVB rays: cause of sunburn

When you talk about sunburn, it is the UVB rays that are responsible.

There are also those UVC raysthat are very short-wave and extremely aggressive. They are therefore also involved in the development of skin cancer.

The tan, which was still called hip in the 80s, was usually equated with young, healthy and fit. But the often quoted “healthy tan” doesn't really exist - so we have to protect ourselves optimally!

Proper sun protection

Depending on the skin type (light skin is very sensitive, dark skin is less sensitive), sun products with the correct sun protection factor (SPF) must be used. The sun protection factor indicates how much longer you can expose yourself to the sun with its use than without sun protection.

However, if you don't want to do math all the time, you can contact following basic rule hold:

The light skin type and the sensitive skin of babies and toddlers should always start with SPF 50 at the start of their holiday. Only when the skin has "got used" to the sun after approx. 1 week can you switch to SPF 30.

The dark skin type can start with SPF 30, but should not go below SPF 15 to 20 after the familiarization phase.

In addition, clothing, such as a sun hat, also helps against too much sun. Be sure to spend lunch in the shade. And don't forget, “All Day” sun products also have to be reapplied every 3 hours. Remember that even in the shade, the sun's exposure is still 30 to 50%.

Babies should always stay in the shade despite sunscreen and wear special sun bathing suits and hats.

At the first signs of sunburn, get out of the sun until the symptoms subside. In the event of severe sunburn with general symptoms such as dizziness and nausea, it is essential to consult a doctor immediately.

Very important after a day with lots of sun, water and wind - is proper skin-regenerating care so that the skin can recover overnight.

There are numerous offers for the face and body, I recommend - on my own account - after cleansing the face, our highly moisturizing stem cell hyaluronic acid serum or our hyaluronic acid concentrate, or as a special extra our hyaluronic fleece or cream mask. All products are suitable for all skin types. For particularly dry skin, I also recommend using our anti aging cream mask as a night care.