How do I accept payments from Amazon

Required information for selling on Amazon

What information must my document contain to prove that I am the account holder?

Amazon Payments must be able to verify the name and account number of the bank account registered with us. We do not need any transaction or credit card details. Required Information:

  1. Bank account number: The document must contain the account number and match the bank account you registered with Amazon Payments for withdrawals.
  2. Name of account holder: The name of the account holder must be provided and this must match the name of the registered seller (e.g. company name or the name of the seller if he is a private person).
    Annotation: The name of the beneficial owner (e.g. a partner) is not sufficient if the seller account has been registered for a company.
  3. Bank name / logo: The bank's name and / or logo must be clearly visible on the document.
  4. Date: If an issue date is entered on the document, this should not be more than 180 days ago.

To the Protection of your personal data we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Remove any information about specific transactions or account balance details from the document if you want to keep it secret.
  2. Remove your credit card information (Credit card number and / or transaction data) if these are included in the document.
  3. Remove all other confidential information from the document. If the document contains the above information, it will be accepted.

For example, let's say I'm selling from a country that doesn't support withdrawals through Amazon Payments. What kind of proof do I need to provide as the account holder?

If your company's country of domicile or, for private sellers, resides in a country that does not support withdrawals via Amazon Payments, upload a statement from the bank where you as the seller / company have an account. In this case, the account number does not have to match the bank details entered at Amazon Payments.

What should I do if one of the required documents is not in an Amazon supported language?

You may be asked to provide certified translations of your documents in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian - see the Accepted Translated Documents help page for more information.

When will Amazon Payments Europe review the information I provide?

In certain cases, we will review any information provided when the account was created or updated. This can take a few days. During this time you can access your Seller Central account and change your offers or upload new offers. However, you will not be able to start selling on Amazon until all of the verifications have been completed. Most of the required information is on the page Seller account information specified. However, it is possible that further documents or information will be requested from you at a later date.

If we can unblock your "Selling on Amazon" payment account as soon as you register or update your account, you are entitled to start selling immediately. However, your account has a withdrawal limit of € 15,000. If this limit is reached, the functions of your account will be restricted and your authorization to sell on Amazon will be temporarily withdrawn. Make sure the information entered in Seller Central is complete and correct so as not to delay verifications.

Why is my country of establishment not supported by Amazon Payments Europe?

There could be a number of reasons why your country of establishment may not currently be supported and therefore not appear in the drop-down list. This includes international restrictions or information and documents in certain languages ​​that we cannot process. Please check the list at regular intervals, as the selection of supported countries by Amazon Payments Europe is continuously expanding. The Business Solutions contract contains the general terms and conditions for Selling on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon, Services and Product Ads.

Why do I have to agree to the Amazon Payments Europe Terms and Conditions?

To use the Selling on Amazon program, you need to open a payment account with Amazon Payments Europe. Accepting the Amazon Payments Europe Terms and Conditions is part of the registration process for your Selling on Amazon payment account.

Is there a fee for the Selling on Amazon payment account?

No, there are no fees for opening or maintaining the "Sell on Amazon" payment account. Amazon Services Europe charges a subscription fee for your seller account. This is the fee you are currently seeing on your account. This will not change in the course of this update either.

How does Amazon Payments Europe handle my data?

In order to comply with the applicable laws, Amazon Payments Europe is obliged to obtain and check certain information in order to open and manage your "Sell on Amazon" payment account. The use of this data by Amazon Payments Europe is subject to the data protection declaration. At Amazon Payments Europe, we understand your concern about the use and disclosure of your personal information. We thank you in advance for your trust and assure you that we will proceed carefully and carefully. For more information on data protection, see Amazon Payments Europe Privacy Policy - Selling on Amazon.

Why can't I see the Cash Out Now button in Seller Central?

As soon as we can open your “Sell on Amazon” payment account, the “Withdraw now” button will be available in Seller Central. The "Withdraw now" button is not available in two cases: if your withdrawal amount is less than € 1 or if you have already clicked the button on that day.

What does primary contact mean?

The primary contact person is the person who has access to the Selling on Amazon payment account. It provides the account holder (the registered seller) with the registration information and initiates transactions such as withdrawals and refunds. Actions taken by the primary contact are deemed to have been initiated by the account holder.

What does beneficial owner mean?

Beneficial owners are natural persons who own the company or who control it as direct or indirect owners through a stake of more than 25% or more of the shares or voting rights, as well as any other natural person who exercises control over the management of the company in another way .

What information does Amazon Payments Europe require in the power of attorney regarding the primary contact person?

Please note that you must provide this information in order to sell with your Amazon account. We expect a letter that corresponds to the following example:

[Company letterhead]


The undersigned company [insert name of company] (hereinafter referred to as "the company"), legally represented by (name and role) [enter the full name and role of the undersigned here], confirms that [enter the full name of the contact person here ] is authorized to open a "Sell on Amazon" payment account with Amazon Payments, agree to the User Agreement and other policies, access the "Sell on Amazon" payment account, and conduct transactions on behalf of and on behalf of the Company.




I already accepted the Business Solutions contract when I registered as a seller. Why do I have to do this again?

We have made some structural changes to our European marketplace and therefore ask you to accept the contracts listed. As before, Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. the Marketplace and Selling on Amazon programs. In future, however, the payment services will be provided by Amazon Payments Europe s.c.a. provided. As part of this change, we have removed the payment terms from the Business Solutions contract and introduced a separate Amazon Payments Europe user agreement. Because these are new contracts and a new format, we ask you to agree to the new and changed agreements, including the Amazon Payments Europe User Guidelines.

Does Amazon have the right to change the contract just like that?

We strive to provide a dynamic, secure and legally compliant marketplace for both customers and sellers. The changes to our contracts are a necessary step in this effort. We therefore expect all sellers to accept the contracts so that we can continue to offer outstanding products and services to both customers and sellers.

I have already accepted the Business Solutions contract. What's different in this new contract?

The biggest change is that we have transferred the terms and conditions for payments and payment processing to the Amazon Payments Europe User Agreement. We assume that the other changes to the contract will be minimal. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to read the contracts carefully to ensure that you are familiar with all of the regulations.

The Amazon Payments Europe User Agreement now contains all the relevant regulations on payment services for selling on Amazon, which are provided by Amazon Payments Europe s.c.a. Tobe offered.

Before, I only had one contract. Why do I have to agree to three separate contracts or agreements now?

We understand that this is a bit of a chore for you. The central topics of the documents, i.e. the conditions for selling on Amazon and for payment services, remain the same in the 3 contracts. Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. continues to offer the "Sell on Amazon" program. However, the associated payment services will in future be provided by Amazon Payments Europe s.c.a. provided. As part of this change, we have removed the terms of payment from the Business Solutions contract and transferred the Amazon Payments Europe user agreement. We therefore ask you to agree to the new and changed contracts including the Amazon Payments Europe user guidelines.

What does the Business Solutions contract include?

The Business Solutions contract contains the general terms and conditions for Selling on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon, Services and Product Ads.

I do not want to approve these new treaties. Who can I contact to discuss the changes?

You have to agree to the wording of the contracts. Our goal is a transparent service that is beneficial for both sellers and Amazon.

If you have any questions about the general process, contact Sales Partner Service. Please note, however, that the service for sales partners cannot change individual points of the contracts.