Are there any problems with crowdfunding

Current start-up dates

While Paulus Neef sees the main culprit for the failure of the operator of the crowdfunding platform, Hans Stier takes the investors hard. “Anyone who expects 100 percent delivery from crowdfunding should keep their hands off it,” says the managing director of Bonaverde. “It is naive to believe that a new development will work from the start. You just have to look at the beginnings of Apple or Tesla - and you know that even the best products take their time to mature. ”The average German would not understand that, however.

A failed founder would be showered with malice in this country, while failure in the USA, for example, is an “award”. Hans Stier is of the opinion that he can afford to pull off the leather. Because his company has been called stillbirth several times. But it is not what it looks like today. It just took much longer than planned to be able to show the hoped-for successes - the first coffee machine that can roast, grind and brew fresh coffee beans.

With this vision, Stier, who had to file for bankruptcy with his first start-up “Kaffee Toro”, went on the offensive in 2013. He launched crowdinvesting campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter - and brought in around 800,000 euros. A campaign on Seedmatch two years later brought in another 1.3 million euros in capital. But despite the capital - the company did not deliver. Developing the machine turned out to be much more difficult than expected. There were so many problems, sometimes it was the grinder, sometimes the air filtering, that the development dragged on and on. After three years of fruitless efforts, what had to follow followed: The investors became impatient, at some point the word “fraud” was mentioned.

Of course, Taurus doesn't want to know anything about that. "It works now," he says. “The coffee is great.” But above all, the first machines are on the market. A model is in the Bonaverde office in Berlin-Mitte, anyone who wants can come to the tasting. Even more important, however, are the first 5000 final models that have just been delivered to registered customers - after 350 machines of the beta version had already been sent to Kickstarter testers. After that, in the next step, almost 100,000 machines will be delivered - to dealers and distributors.