Han Chinese

Uighurs, Tibetans, etc. - the arrogance of the Han Chinese

Han Chinese determine what goes on in China, they are the rulers and let every minority feel it. The Chinese government, which of course consists almost entirely of Han Chinese, cannot change that either. Arrogance, nepotism, taking advantage and open racism are the order of the day in China.

China is divided, that is a fact! We would have been experiencing civil war in China long ago if the state did not suppress the people with all its might. The flow of information from a country with a dictatorship, censorship without freedom of expression is of course very sparse, so secure independent reports are not possible.

However, it seems that the Uyghurs will suffer the same fate as the Tibetans. Their country is being overrun by the Han Chinese who have moved in and caused a population explosion in China. Uighurs no longer play a role in everyday life and, like all minorities in China, are oppressed and declared socially inferior.

This development in China is reminiscent of the time of the multi-ethnic states under the Romans or Napoleon. It just can't work, even if China just tries massively and forcefully to find the solution. The few thousand Uyghurs arrested may be slowed down by torture, violence and intimidation for the time being, but if you don't solve the problem, you won't change anything.

Much more important, however, is how does Germany behave? Will Angela Merkel have even discussed this with the Chinese head of government at the G8 summit? Did he leave early because he didn't feel like hearing the protest notes from the others (with the exception of Russia)? But the current and most crucial question is how we can leave Opel to the Chinese when they track human rights with clubs, racism and bullets.

China is increasingly disqualifying itself as a leading power and has to feel it. There will be no revolution from below in China! The methodology of repression and repression is very well thought out there; the Chinese have learned from the mistakes of other countries on these points.

The Uighur uprising also clearly shows what happens if one day a Chinese Gorbachev ascends the throne. The country will follow the example of Russia and sink into an unimaginable civil war, a Balkans to the power of 10, so to speak.

The fact that 140 people can die in one day of unrest in the Uighur province reveals that China is crumbling behind the facade. The resentment must be unbearable, the discrimination enormous. China has put itself on a par with Iran, true to the motto: Kill one and raise thousands! In China that means - kill hundreds and educate all 9 million Uyghurs.

Source: taz.de

Source: Uyghur at Wikipedia