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How to Stay Successfully Unemployed: A Paradoxical Application Guide

Do something different! The author dares to experiment with this book. Instead of writing the thousand and one application guide, she does the opposite: she shows how to consciously prevent employment. The reader learns which behavior is guaranteed to lead to rejection and how the successful unemployed person can save face despite such failures. The tips for such anti-applications range from a photo in underwear to a bland, but leather-bound résumé to the use of an outplacement consultant who only serves as proof of the futility of the job search. Those willing to work often wander around in the application jungle and do not understand why they cannot find a job despite serious efforts. In this guide you can now observe how different candidates are heading towards successful unemployment. The tiresome subject of application suddenly appears in a whole new light. AMake something different @ is the first step in breaking out of awkward and unconsciously wrong behavior. And who knows whether some readers will not discover the right path to personal happiness behind the ironically exaggerated description of unsuitable application strategies. Dr. Since 1993, Cornelia Riechers has been successfully supporting specialists and executives of all hierarchy levels with their professional reorientation with her company 'Quality Outplacement'. Just like in her book, she also uses unusual methods in outplacement and career counseling. Astute, provocative, amusing - for applicants and recruits