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Learn Swedish FAQ

  • How many people speak Swedish?
  • Why learn Swedish
  • How good is the English of the Swedes?
  • Do Swedes speak German?
  • Is it difficult to learn Swedish?
  • What's easy about learning Swedish?
  • What's hard about learning Swedish?
  • How long does it take to speak Swedish?

How many people speak Swedish?

Only speak worldwide 10.5 million People swedish. The language is only spoken as a mother tongue in Sweden and in some coastal areas of Finland, the so-called Finlandssvenska.

Why learn Swedish

If you don't plan to spend your vacation in Sweden in a retirement home, you actually are does not depend on knowledge of Swedish. One gets along very well with English. Only the vendors in some grocery stores in the country or a few elderly people have occasional problems communicating in English.

How good is the English of the Swedes?

Sweden speak very good english. Hollywood films and series are not dubbed but provided with Swedish subtitles. As a result, many Swedes come into contact with the English language at a young age and develop a good feel for English pronunciation and colloquial language.

Do Swedes speak German?

In Swedish schools, German is taught as a second foreign language after English. By 1939 it was even the first foreign language in Swedish schools. Today, students interested in German can choose the language from the sixth grade onwards. About 20% of the students choose German. And even if many can only say a few sentences after several years of learning German at schools, they are right many Swedes understand German, at least in fractions, an estimated one in three. Almost every Swede understands “A beer, please, Waiter”. At the typical tourist offices and hotels in the big cities there is often at least one employee who speaks German well enough. So you don't have to speak perfect English or Swedish. Basic knowledge of English - "To the airport, please!" - is completely sufficient for a successful stay in Sweden.

Is it difficult to learn Swedish?

For Germans, Swedish is often due to the linguistic proximity between Swedish and GermanNot hard. Easier than English. Particularly easy: vocabulary. Particularly difficult: pronunciation.

What is easy when learning Swedish?

Swedish vocabulary
The easiest thing to do is to learn vocabulary. Especially as a native German speaker with a knowledge of English, you will be able to understand texts from the point of view of their meaning after a short time, as in newspapers.

The 100 most common words in the Swedish language

Swedish grammar
Apart from the articles, en and ett, the sentence structure and a few irregular verbs, the Swedish language is not difficult.

What's hard about learning Swedish?

Swedish pronunciation
When it comes to pronunciation, Swedish is not so easy to learn, especially for Germans. Swedish is compared to German very melodic. And there are many sounds - such as the "y" as in "ny" (new) - which are difficult for Germans to pronounce because they do not correspond to any German sound but have to be learned from scratch.

Even after several years in Sweden, it is for Germans difficult to get the pronunciation perfect, even the Swedish Queen Silvia still has one after over 40 years in Sweden clear German accent. It is said that usually only children up to the age of about 12 can learn a foreign language without an accent.

Personally it happens to me very often that I am asked for a sentence in Swedish "Ah, you're from Germany, aren't you?!“

Here that Swedish alphabetthat a Swedish friend recited for me. I couldn't have done it so well myself. The Å, Ä and Ö are parts of the Swedish alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Å Ä Ö

Swedish listening comprehension - understand spoken Swedish
Because the Swedes the Strongly connect words In the beginning it is difficult to hear where one word ends and the next begins. In the beginning, everything on Swedish radio sounded to me as if Swedes were saying a single, very long tapeworm word.

How long does it take to speak Swedish?

It is possible in half a year to learn the language in such a way that you can survive at least a few minutes of small talk. Also from Germany. (See Swedish learning tips here.) The fact that it helps to live, work or spend a semester abroad in Sweden makes learning a lot easier. You are automatically exposed to the language in everyday life - whether you like it or not - and you have the opportunity to use your new linguistic achievements much more often. "Var hittar jag en butik som säljer älg-bajs“You can just ask for exercise in the pedestrian zone. I have heard from particularly talented languages ​​that they have reached small-talk maturity within three months.

With an intensive course you can fluent in Swedish after a year speak. Business Swedish after about two years intensive language training and, advantageously, a stay in Sweden at the same time.

I learned my basic Swedish skills when I took a one-semester full-time short course at the university (30 ECTS points). That gave quite a boost. So from not even being able to count to ten to being able to small talk confidently in 4 to 5 months is possible - and I'm really not a particularly talented language speaker. But because understandably not everyone has the opportunity to take a full-time Swedish course, here are a few tips on how to quickly achieve the desired success:

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