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Video production test 2021 • The best video productions in comparison

What is video production?

Moving images make up the most popular part of the content available on the Internet today. However, in order for a video to be a success, not only technical details but also questions have to be clarified Medium film concern very specifically. Only a specialist in matters can do thisVideo production help so professional Movies and videos can arise. in thecomparison for easy shooting of a video film includes the professional Video production in the test a comprehensive service package that starts with the individual initial consultation and can convince with solid post-production.

All other necessary Planning and preparation stages become more professional Video production precisely plannedto save costs and effort on your part. At the end ofVideo production is then the best result that thecomparison is exactly matched to your previously specified purpose.

How does video production work?

The bestVideo production is in thecomparison the one who takes a lot of time for individual coordination and your own ideas. Goal of successfulVideo production is to produce a video that exactly meets your needs and conveys exactly the message that you want. In the test, video production is much more than just creating a series of moving images with a recording device.

Professional video production begins compared always with an individual to coordinate the objectives. Then it has to be determined what should be seen in the video. What first in thecomparison sounds trite is much more complicated. After all, there are countless good reasons and objectives that can be achieved with a video.

Therefore, a script has to be created first. Who with a Video production agency working together, can certainly becometest Have a proposal drawn up - or submit a script yourself. The main thing here is to bring the planned topic into a rotating template in terms of dramaturgy and camera technology, initially for testing, or even fully developed. A storyboard can also be used in this phase. As soon as the script is fixed, a shooting schedule and a schedule for the further steps to the test can be created. Depending on the type of video to be shot, locations and actors are also searched.

This pre-production phase is followed by the actual video production, i.e. the actual shooting. This, too, must be planned thoroughly and meticulously in compliance with all regulations and include scope for testing so as not to waste time. Once all the necessary scenes have been filmed, the material is cut, set to music and finally completed as part of post-production.

When and for whom are video production offers important?

Because video content has become a very strong channel today, the quality of professionally used videos must always be right in order to be taken seriously. This is why it is professionalVideo production Indispensable in numerous applications for the best results. Of course the video today is from the Online marketing indispensable. As part of a Content Marketing Strategy Today advertisers don't just use ittest on video content.

These can be longer posts than stand-alone content modules. However, shorter, self-produced videos in other formats can also be usedtest can be used. For example, in longer blog texts, video content incomparison for loosening up and securing the reader's interest. But dedicated advertising films are also conceivable today. These can either be used for testingspread viral or place it on video platforms as a contribution - also in combination with other videos. In this way, video content can become part of a search engine optimization campaign or it can be advertised for greater reach with paid search engine advertising. The strategic opportunities for businesses based onVideo production put are huge. It is therefore all the more important to know the goals exactly andcomparison to be specified exactly.

Professionally produced recruiting videos are interesting for companies that prefer a certain type of employee. The video can be produced exactly for this target group and is incomparison a very effective way of attracting suitable applicants. Potential employees become aware of the company with the video and get in touch. In the recruiting video, the company has the opportunity to present itself exactly as it would like to be perceived. QualityVideo production enables an authentic company presentation that not only reflects the working atmosphere, fields of activity, but also all of the necessary soft skillstest gets to the point. But also documentary filmmakers who may already have their own video material benefit from theTest of professional video production.

The point here is to discuss the message to be conveyed and to give the documentary exactly the message that is desired. Last but not least, product videos are also of great importance in the e-commerce landscape. Finally, numerous online retailers add small videos to their product descriptions, on which interested parties can experience the product in action. It goes without saying that such product videos have to be perfectly staged. In fact, this is a task that can best be taken on by professional video production in the test.

What types of video production options are there?

One of the safest ways to be professional Video production to get is to contact a specialized Agency to turn. This not only takes care of the shoot, but ideally also takes care of pre- and post-production. Quality Agencies for the best video production not only offer an intensive initial discussion to get to know each other and as atest but are also careful to cover all phases of theVideo production to carry out for you as stress-free and cost-saving as possible.

Another Possibility for professional video production is it, one Book freelancers for a test. Here you have the choice from a large market of free specialists who can concentrate exclusively on your project. When choosing a service provider, it is also important to consider their specialization. In mattersVideo production give it to himcomparison numerous specializations, such as on product videos, animated films, advertising films or another type of video.

Either with agencies as well as with many freelancers there is an extended network of specialists working in the background, which should be tested. For example, they can be voice actors or draftsmen who contribute to the production. The shorter the distances to this network, the faster thetest also the communication in the background - a point that is time-sensitive Video productions should always be considered.

Skilled workers forVideo production can be intest can also be found on various platforms. With just a few clicks you can specify exactly which Type of video production You need and what requirements you estimate for the best production. Based on this information, you will then receive an initial offer fortest, which can be used as a guideline with regard to costs. Registration on such a platform is usually free of charge for customers and providers, but additional costs can actually arise in the course of order processing. Registration pays off especially if you only have a tight budget to find a provider forVideo production to find.

Have you already made your first experiences with video production and achieved good results in the test? If you also have the time necessary for professional video production, you can try the test yourself with suitable video editing software. This approach is useful for smaller projects and also when the result should look as authentic as possible, for example to become a viral hit. In fact, compared to working with an external service provider, this procedure can also cost a lot more time - and ultimately cost.


  • Full-service agency is sure to bring a professional result
  • Freelancers concentrate exclusively on your project
  • Network with specialists in the background


  • Long communication channels drag out video production
  • Own video production can quickly become time-consuming and costly
  • All production phases have to be organized by yourself with in-house production

Which services can video production include and which are particularly important?

For an imcomparison also critical Standards enduringVideo production A large number of services have to be coordinated. Design aspects play just as much a role as technical questions and of course all factors related to the content. So that professionalVideo production delivers exactly the result you want, imtest a Agency performance in comparison also always include the creation or at least the editing of the script. This determines which story should be told in the video, which is why the script should be carefully compared with the campaign goals to be achieved. Depending on the video, a storyboard should also be created that already describes specific settings. This speeds up shooting and makes the result easier to plan.

Experts are also involved in the actual shootingVideo production important. A classic camera team that not only includes the cameraman himself, but also allows the camera assistant to be a part of thetest more efficient and enables a professional result. The team should also include a lighting technician who deals exclusively with the optimal lighting of the set. A sound engineer, but also, if necessary, a make-up artist should also be present in the test.

After the shoot, the actual completion of the video only begins. The material is cut during post-production so that the actual video can be created in the first place. A service forVideo production should be intest therefore also include the complete post-production, because it is a crucial component in the creation of a video.

In the test, however, post-production encompasses more than just editing. This is also about mixing the sound, defining the film music or integrating speakers. The more extensive your video production, the more important post-production is.

Which services do not usually include various video production offers?

In a highly complex matter like thatVideo production must be before the Commissioning an agency it can be determined exactly which services are included in the offer. It is advisable to use thecomparison between multiple providers to make and get one written offer for the testto be requested. In this way you have an exact overview of all the factors that are affected by the Agency can be summarized in the given price.

However, some points are in thetest mostly separate and independent of theVideo production to be considered as cost items. Especially ride costs are usually not included in the offers in the test. The travel time for those involved to the location or the studio for post-production can be too different for the costs to be capped at a flat rate.
The studio rent is also rarely included if the film is to be shot in a studio. The situation is similar for filming locations that are outside the studio. Again, may fall in the testadditional costs at. If the video is shot with the participation of human actors, speakers or moderators, their fees usually also have to be assessed separately as an item.

In addition, there are also Cost of a make-up specialist added. That being said, the strength of Video production agencies put to the testprecisely that they can offer the best individual packages that contain exactly those services that you need for your planned video.

Video production service costs?

How expensive oneVideo production in the test really depends on the scope and length of the video, but also on the type of content. A brief explanatory video with a length of only 15 seconds is usually easier to produce than a five-minute product presentation in which actors explain the purpose of a product. In general, the higher the amount of material and the more locations and days of shooting, the more expensive thetest also theVideo production.

The costs that can arise from animated films are even more diverse. Not only does the length of the video make a decisive contribution to the price, the chosen animation style itself is also importanttest a considerable cost factor. Small whiteboard videos, for example, are best for explanatory videos because they get to the heart of the matter briefly and without distraction. Such Video productionthere are intest for a few thousand euros.

For more complex 2D and even 3D animated films however, a significantly higher price is due. Just at 3D video productions it must be noted that the production costs increase additionally if the Agency no own 3D construction data to be delivered. Just Full service agencies offer intest around theVideo production also offer marketing-related services for your video.

The more extensive the booked services go beyond video production, the higher the costs will be. This is especially important if you are working with an agency that not only offers video production, but also discusses SEO or content marketing strategies for your video with you. Additional costs may arise here that do not result directly from the production of your video.

This is how video production providers are compared

Even if many Agencies offer a full service, the individual service providers still differ in terms of the specific design of these packages. So that you can make the decision among the providers forVideo production as easy as possible, it's worth going tocomparison to request several offers for the video to be produced. The results of this juxtaposition can then be converted into a Comparison table can be entered for a more precise evaluation. The following best factors should be considered in thetest special emphasis is placed on:

Initial meeting

Already the options for the initial meeting with the service provider or the Agency belongs to the criteria, the onecomparison enable the provider. At the first meeting, everything revolves around your video idea. Here ideas, concepts, but also target group definitions and of course the objectives are discussed. In the first interview you can use thetest already receive an assessment of whether the selected provider is suitable for your project. Some service providers also offer an initial consultation free of charge. TheVideo production an important differentiator for the test.

Filming planning

So the twist as quickly as possible expires and the video to be created is available as soon as possible can be linked to a shooting schedule intest not to be waived. That's why you shouldcomparison from providers also ensure that an exact shooting schedule is drawn up. A list of videos to be created is created here, in which, ideally, the final titles can already be found. But all the necessary locations and the estimated shooting days are also specified in the shooting schedule.

When comparing providers, therefore, pay attention to such an exact time schedule, because you can use this to plan your video-related marketing campaign more precisely yourself.


Everything that is to be transferred to video format and filmed during the shoot is recorded in the script. Before filming can begin, the final version of the script must first be available. Here is another distinguishing feature in the Test between the agencies and service providers hidden. Because while some request delivery of the script from you as a client, others offer to write the script for you. Whether and which variant for yourVideo production ideal is must imtest to be decided individually.

Even if you read the script from the Agency or have it written by an external freelancer, you should make sure that you get as much say in the script as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you get the result you need.

Depending on the planned video, a storyboard can be very useful in addition to the script. In a conversation with the agency or the service provider, it should be clarified in the comparison whether the creation of the storyboard is included in the service package or billed separately.


Depending on whether one or more videos are to be rotated, the actual rotation is very different. In the case of short product videos, large numbers of them can possibly be produced in the studio on a single day of shooting.

When comparing video production providers, make sure that they specify exactly how many videos or what parts of a longer video can be produced in a day. This gives you additional planning with other interfaces around video production, but also its further utilization.

Post production

Also with regard to the services for Post production differ the providers of Video and film production partly considerable. So that the material created during the shoot becomes the desired one Video compiled can be, a rough cut is first required, which then goes over to the fine cut. However, further tasks still have to be carried out on the finished video. Many providers have color grading in their packages, but you should do it yourselfcomparison Check with your chosen provider to see whether this is included. The same applies to the dubbing of the finished video. This should be done by a sound engineer and may include other services, such as the selection of suitable music.

Depending on your planned video project, you should also check whether additional services that are required are already included in the service package of your service provider. For example, the test can involve additional speakers or the creation of subtitles.

extra cost

Possible extra cost are an important one Comparison criterion when collecting for theVideo production. Here it is your job to transfer the information from provider to providertest to carefully examine differently calculated rental and travel costs. Additional costs can also be used for props and catering. Do that Comparison between several offersto find a video production company that covers these costs with one flat rate. At Full service agencies one more case is possible.

The Costs for your own team may already be covered by a flat rate, but depending on the person commissionedVideo production additional working time is added for additional employees. Here it is essential thatcomparison between multiple providers in order to get a good picture of the costs involved.


Not just the best formatin which the completed Video is of importance to thecomparison. Clients also have to compare whether the video produced can be delivered in several versions. There are countless possibilities here, depending on the campaign.

For example, it is conceivable to show a long version of a product video on your own website, but at the same time to use the material to create a short version that is ideal for social media platforms. Here it must be agreed individually with the commissioned agency what is to be delivered and whether the creation of several versions can be booked as an inexpensive package.

When does it pay off to take out a subscription?

Because the requirements on Video and film production not only intest are so different, some react Service providers and agencies with subscription offers. In this way, customers can put together the ideal service in a package themselves after weighing them up. As a prospect, you then have the choice between subscription services that can be booked cheaply, such as shooting days.
It is ideal to take out such subscriptions if you have already had good experience with the selected provider and trust their expertise.

But a subscription in terms of thingsVideo production is also interesting if videos are to be created at regular intervals. Then the subscription can not only make the production process more flexible and simplify it, but also save actual costs. Especially when entire sets can be used again to shoot a new product video, a subscription to the is worthwhile Agency or a service provider. Especially if you are aiming for a long-term cooperation Subscription variant to consider.

After all, the service provider will get to know your company and your wishes even better over time - a fact that both sides have to deal with benefit in the test. Videos can then be produced without a subscription significantly more expensive in comparison especially when video content is to function as a permanent pillar in your company's online marketing mix. But not only days of shooting can be Book a comparison with many providers using the subscription model.

Other services, for example in post-production, may also be more convenient and cheaper with a subscription. Other services, such as work around search engine optimization or the posting of videos on platforms such as YouTube, are also available as a subscription service.

What do I have to pay attention to when taking out a subscription?

If you are one timeVideo production need worth one Comparison of subscription barely. However, if video content is an integral part of your corporate strategy, you can take advantage of a subscription to thetest but hardly do without it. If you are after in-depth comparison and more thorough Analysis for a video production subscription decide, you should first compare the exact scope of services of the different subscription models. Which items are included in the subscription and are they cheaper as a result? The type of video to be created also plays a major role here. Finally, interview videos have different requirements than real estate videos.

Likewise important is checking possible notice periods before taking out the subscription. Even if you are planning a long-term cooperation, you should know exactly how and when you can cancel the subscription before closing. For example, if you only have to produce a large number of videos for a limited period of time, it may be worthwhile to cancel your subscription soon. Even in the case of subscriptions with a precisely defined scope of services, it can be worthwhile to inquire about the individual negotiation leeway before concluding.

Make a comparison here with which providers you still have a try if new conditions arise during the shoot. Last but not least, you should also compare the costs between regular booking and booking with a subscription. If there are only very small differences in a direct comparison, the subscription to the test often does not have to be booked because it is not worth it.

Presentation of the top 7 video production providers

Also in terms of thingsVideo production Countless providers cavort on the market. Here you will find a short survey of the 7 leading providers in this area nationwide.

  • Jannisproduction
  • 5th floor
  • Entermedia
  • Inmedias
  • Twago
  • Picmention
  • Team studies

There is a real passion for video production behind this provider. is a freelancer from Hamburg who specializes in creating image films and commercials. The second main focus of this service provider is the production of travel films. Interested parties can also book this freelancer as a coach on the subject of video production or organize workshops that deal with their own impact in front of the camera. Anyone looking for a video production that can primarily be used to increase sales rates has come to the right place at Interested parties receive a full-service video production here, which is not only aimed at companies, but also at bloggers, locally operating companies or online shops. From brainstorming and conception to the finished result, customers get everything they need to get an ideally produced video. A larger team of animation artists, speakers and other specialists involved in post-production is also behind In order to be able to offer the widest possible range of video types, this service provider offers three very different video production packages at a flat rate. This provider allows for a period of around two months from the inquiry to the finished product.

This nationwide agency specializes in video production and has a broad portfolio of advertising and image films for a wide variety of companies and institutions. The extensive team at 5th floor not only includes directors and production specialists, but also production assistants and media designers. With so much know-how in-house, customers and interested parties are not subject to any restrictions when designing their videos. 5th floor has specialized in the production of advertising films and has written an extraordinary, particularly creative implementation on the flags. In addition, this agency appreciates the uncomplicated customer contact and always has an open ear for the concerns of the customers, even in stressful phases of the video production. As a full-service agency, 5th floor not only takes on the conception of your video production, but also takes care of production and post-production. Both real film and 2D animation films can be produced through this provider.

With Entermedia, another agency comes into play that specializes in the video production of advertising and image films. Entermedia is based in Heidelberg and also has a very diverse team of professionals in the field of video production. Entermedia clearly focuses on commercials, but also image films for companies or individual personalities. This agency also creates product videos. However, an additional focus at Entermedia is the production of event films.

Video production for social media is also highly relevant for Entermedia. Different formats, such as interviews, time-lapse videos, competitions, short films or other moving images for social media can be produced here. Entermedia maintains its own blog, on which a wide variety of topics relating to video production and the further use of videos are highlighted. This shows not only the technical expertise of this agency, but also their willingness to stay tuned and participate in the latest developments in the industry.

Inmedias is an internet agency that has locations nationwide and has another international location in Cape Town. Inmedias sees itself as a suitable point of contact for online projects of all kinds and has an astonishing diversity. From a niche blog to a university website, this internet agency can do everything that is asked for. In comparison, video production is also not neglected here as a focus.

At Inmedias, too, image films and product videos are in the foreground when it comes to video production. Inmedias has a wealth of experience, especially when it comes to product films - an important advantage, because product videos are now a clear sales advantage. But this agency also realizes educational films and free projects for its customers. Because Inmedias has a lot of experience in addressing target groups, the video production also produces absolutely tailor-made results that fit perfectly into the company's campaigns. One of the great advantages of this agency is its branch in Cape Town, which makes it easy to create expressive video productions in an exotic environment. At Inmedias, customers can not only expect a lot of production experience, they can also rely on all the advantages of a full service. From the first idea to the storyboard, the shooting and the post-production, you get a video production from a single source.

Not only agencies offer video production in comparison to affordable flat rates. If you want to accelerate the first phase of the video project or only have a very small video to produce, you can also book a video production specialist at These are usually freelancers who make an offer for precisely defined video projects. In terms of payment, flat rates for the entire project are common in addition to hourly rates. From image films to product or explanatory videos, everything that has to be produced in terms of video production can also be realized via a freelancer booked on the platform. Even those who already have the raw material can find it here and book a specialist for editing and post-production. presents itself as a project platform that brings freelancers and companies together for individual projects. Registration is free of charge and there are no platform-internal limits to the size of the offer.

Picmention is a video production agency that has a large number of international corporations among its clients. The focus of the projects carried out by this agency is on commercials and explanatory videos, but also on image films. Picmention is also experienced in producing recruiting films, which is particularly interesting for companies that are looking for new employees who match a certain profile. This agency has a large team of specialists in all aspects of video production in all phases and can therefore deliver real full-service performance. Even if Picmention are based in Leipzig, this agency still offers video production at any other location requested by the customer. After the first contact, Picmention will arrange a free initial meeting with the customer, during which the first key data on the planned project will be discussed. Then comes the production phase, in which the desired video is always made transparently for the customer. The order from Picmention is completed with the delivery of the film in the desired format.

Lewis is an international communications agency that works for its clients on four continents. The focus for this agency is on video production as part of larger marketing campaigns. Here customers can expect a lot of experience in strategic planning, as well as the safe handling of the corresponding tools. This can also be seen in the range of services offered by this agency. In addition to video production, customers can also make use of PR services, employer branding and even crisis communication. Rapid response to online channels can be expected from Lewis. With image and advertising films, but also with product videos, case studies and trade fair films, Lewis can cover a wide range of possible uses in video production. Animated films can also be produced by this agency. From the first idea to post-production, Lewis takes care of all production steps and can rely on employees who are experienced with film.


Online or offline: where is the best place to take out my subscription?

Who today after a Video production specialists searches mostly online via a search engine. You are already in the right medium, because all service providers who want to be marketable present themselves on the Internet with a professional website that presents all of the focal points and services in an appealing way. Anyone looking for Video production make the comparison and then some for the test as a sample Agencies contacted, proceeds ideally. Offers requested online for testing also allow precise control over the services included in the price.

Would you like to have videos produced on a long-term and regular basis? Then it is worthwhile to take out a trial subscription from a provider online. The advantage of taking out a deal over the Internet is that you can choose the best offer without having to consider spatial conditions. Because a professional agency for video production does not exist in every city.

Interesting facts and advice

Video production is a subject as old as that Film itself. But it is only in the last few years that video content has gained renewed relevance due to its massive dissemination on the Internet. Here are some interesting ones Video production facts in the overview.

The history of video production

As an independent art form that has developed with the availability of the corresponding camera technology, the Movie look back on a history that goes back to the end of the 19th century. Numerous forerunner technologies that were already present in the first half of the 18th century finally influenced the development of the first film camera with just a single lens in 1888.As a result, the silent film was first made, because a separate soundtrack was not yet available. The first films did not initially take more than a few minutes.

The The potential of film as a medium storytelling was only discovered shortly before the turn of the century. As a result, film studios shot up in Europe and the USA and founded the Film industry.

From the 1980s onwards, video cameras became widespread, with which laypeople could also make their own video films, although these were intended more for private use. It has only been possible to use video content as a natural content element on the Internet for a few years now, as the technical requirements for this are available in the form of fast broadband connections. In this way, videos and video production have become relevant for companies as a component of their marketing.

Numbers, data, facts about video production

Marketing via video has become an indispensable part of the marketing mix today. Social media platforms have made it particularly easy short films to publish with the most varied of objectives and to develop advertising effect in the process. Research has shown that customers prefer to watch a product video four times rather than read an explanatory text.

Demo videos are also highly relevant: Out of five customers surveyed, four demo videos rated as very helpful in the test. Video content is also important for sales. Prospects who have viewed a corresponding video are almost twice as likely to become customers. The fact that around 100 million hours of video material was uploaded to Facebook every day in 2016 underlines the relevance of professional video production.

7 tips for long-term success with the video production service

Especially if you have a subscription with aVideo productionAgency