What is the full form of CA.

Full form of CA.

Full form of the auditor

The full form of the Certification Authority reads " CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT ". He is a legal advisor who takes care of a company's accounts. Basically, he checks a company's account and advises on tax issues in accordance with the tax laws of the country.

CA work (auditor)

A chartered accountant is a prestigious position in a company and has many responsibilities on his shoulder. Some of CA's responsibilities are as follows:


CA's primary responsibility is to audit the company's accounts. In this process, he reviews the company's expenses and income and draws up the balance sheet. The exam is required to know the profits and losses of the company. He is the final authority who checks the company's account and makes appropriate comments.

Liaison officer

The auditor also works as a liaison officer between the company and the government. If a company is a semi-public company, CA prepares its balance sheet and notifies the relevant government department of this review.

Tax law

CA is a master of the tax laws and knows every peculiarity of the tax laws. He uses his knowledge and legal requirements to make the company's income less taxable and to maximize profits. There are different laws regarding taxes in all countries including India. How to deal with such laws is up to CA.


CA also acts as the company's tax legal advisor. He gives his valuable advice to the management of the company when the company requests it. In some cases where the company is battling a tax lawsuit, CA is the person helping the company address the case.


If you want to become a CA, you should have the following qualifications:

10 + 2 in Commerce, Bachelor in Commerce (B.com), Master in Commerce (M.com), Ph.D. (Trade) and should complete the audit at the national level of auditing.

How do I become a CA (Chartered Accountant)?

The road to becoming a CA is difficult, but not impossible. One can become CA if one has the zeal to become CA. Aspirant of CA can begin preparation at different stages in life. The qualification and other criteria are listed below:

CA Foundation

This is the stage when a person has completed their final exams and wants to become a CA. At this point he can enroll at CA institutes. In the basic course, the subjects are quite similar to the 10 + 2 trade curriculum. It is the basic level of CA.

CA Intermediate

After completing the basic course in CA one must enroll in the intermediate level of CA. This stage is a bit difficult as all subjects like company law etc. are new. After their establishment, aspirants generally have 9 months to enroll for the intermediate course.

Item ship training

After completing the intermediate course, one must enroll in the article training that gives him the real-time experience. In this training, candidates will learn the nature of working in CA. The agenda behind this training is to publicize companies, etc.

CA finals

It's the final part of the entire trip. Before you reach this level, you should take two exams: GMCS and ITT. CA final is the passport for the world of auditors. The success rate of this last phase is very low due to the hardness of the exam.

CA (Chartered Accountant) Skills

A certification body should have the following skills:


A chartered accountant should be smart and have a good understanding of trade and tax laws as this is the main thing that makes them CA. His intelligence should think about work.


A certification body should be responsible for its work. This is the quality that reflects CA's nature and loyalty to its work. Is a responsible person who is always committed.

High moral values

A high moral character is very important in this job as CA deals with money matters and there is a high level of corruption etc. Therefore, a CA should have a high moral value.


A certification body is an officer-level body and has to deal with many problems in daily life related to work. He also has to give his subordinates an order, so that in the certification body a leadership quality is very important so that he can easily cope with all problems.


Laws are not always the same and are changed according to the conditions and requirements of the government. A certification body that is updated with the changes made by the in-laws is the best certification body as it cannot do its job justice without updating its knowledge.

Salary of CA (auditor)

This occupation is the high-income occupation because it deals with the money issue itself. The salary is therefore not excluded for the CA professionals. The expected salary is given below (per month):

  • Beginner: 30k to 45k
  • Experience (2-5 years): 55k to 70k
  • Experience (5 and more years): 1lakh to 3lakh


We have discussed all of the aspects related to auditors above. However, if we analyze everything, we find that the system has some problems. First, when we talk about the success rate, we see that it is a lot less because the student basics are not cleared up. They spend a lot of money in coaching institutes to crack the CA exam, which shows that our schools are doing nothing. Second, a certification body that we have referred to as a company carer sometimes engages in misconduct for its own motive or for profit. What is the moral behavior organized? There are numerous No. of cases where CA incorrectly records and makes its profit. Some companies also used CA to get rid of state taxes by giving him bribes and anything, which are also completely wrong practices. All of these things should be stopped, the government should require some civil servants to be appointed or C&AG should be asked to review all company records, even if they are private or semi-public companies, so that tax evasion should stop.