What is a salary of a commercial pilot

Helicopter pilot salary compared

The training to become a helicopter pilot is possible both privately and with the Bundeswehr or the police.

Helicopter pilot training with the Bundeswehr

In order to be able to take up helicopter pilot training with the Bundeswehr, an extensive test procedure must first be completed and passed. In addition, a career as a pilot in the Bundeswehr always requires an officer career. In order to be able to do the helicopter pilot training, you have to commit to the Bundeswehr for a longer period of time.

The training to become an officer and then a helicopter pilot usually takes between seven and eight years in total - a long time. On the other hand, however, there is the advantage that you do not have to pay for the cost of flight training yourself and that you get paid from day one.

Helicopter pilot training with the police

Training as a pilot is also possible with the police in connection with a regular police service training in the police enforcement service in the senior career. However, the competition is also great here and the selection process is correspondingly extensive. Applicants first go through the selection process for the high-level police enforcement service and immediately afterwards the selection process for the flight service. Only those who pass both selection procedures with excellent results are given the opportunity to take the diploma course for high-level police enforcement service and the course as a police helicopter pilot.

In addition, prospective police officers must meet other general requirements for employment in the law enforcement service, e.g .:

  • Be German or German within the meaning of Article 116 of the Basic Law (or be in possession of another EU nationality)
  • be able to show an impeccable certificate of good conduct
  • have the police service suitability according to a police doctor's judgment
  • hold a general class B driving license
  • Etc.

Training with the police also has the advantage that the costs for flight training are covered. Training in the Bundeswehr and training in the police force are the only externally financed training courses for helicopter pilots.

Training at a private flight school

When training at a private flight school, either a commercial pilot license or a private helicopter license can be acquired. In order to work as a helicopter pilot, a commercial pilot license is usually required. 1,000 to 1,200 flight hours are usually a good basis for applying for a job as a helicopter pilot.

However, helicopter pilot training in the private sector is associated with enormous costs. In order to save costs, it can be helpful to complete some of the hours abroad, if you have the opportunity. However, it is important to clarify in advance whether the flight hours completed abroad are really valid in the EU or Germany.