How recruitment agencies select resources

3 tips on how to make your recruiting more efficient

Most recruiters will tell you: a professional company has recruiters who are smart and efficient. In an ideal world, recruiters spend little time administrative work because they focus on building relationships with talented candidates. Nevertheless, outdated processes and separate systems still too often mean that time, the most valuable resource for recruiters, is lost.

In this time of skill shortage and intense competition, you can no longer perform tasks the old, familiar way simply because you have always done it. You need to continuously think about ways to improve your services and relationships. How do you do that? By implementing unified operational processes.

The following three tips can help you make your recruiting agency more efficient:

Less paperwork

Implement an electronic document management system in your applicant management system so that you can send and receive documents, thus creating a log. This is especially useful for onboarding candidates as it allows you to manage the entire process, from offer to placement. This directly improves the candidate experience. You can imagine how frustrating it is for candidates to email timesheets in order to get paid. A recruiting CRM with integration options can save recruiters a lot of time every day: no longer entering the same data everywhere and no longer making unnecessary mistakes because you work with different systems.

Automate your supplier management

A comprehensive survey of recruiting experts showed that recruitment agencies with a Vendor Management System (VMS) have 3 important goals: Increase profits by improving margins; reduce time-to-fill; and to increase the placement rate. More than 60% said they had a completely manual candidate entry process. If you automate the VMS process of your recruitment agency, you will quickly see benefits. Respondents to the same survey stated that thanks to their vendor management system they had 55% more interviews per month, they registered candidates 49% faster and the placement rate rose by 33% on average.

Use your data

The data available in your CRM is a treasure trove of insights and information that can be very helpful if you want to know how you can continue to grow your business. However, many recruitment agencies do not use this data because they do not know how to get access to it. Having a built-in business analytics tool in your CRM can give you access to a wide variety of valuable data. Think about the candidate experience, employee performance, margin trends, and recruiting rates.

The tips above will help you standardize your onboarding and back office processes and gain valuable insights into your company. By improving the operational efficiency of your recruitment agency, you can provide much better service to your candidates and clients. In addition, your company will achieve better results and you will be able to operate more effectively in a market that is increasingly demanding from its players.

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