Should I consider Andaman for diving

Dream beach vacation in April? Male, Seychelles, Aruba ....?


I would like to spend a relaxing vacation on the beach with my girlfriend (in April for about 2 weeks). We love beautiful beaches. What is important to us is crystal clear water, powdered sugar sand, you should be able to snorkel nicely, the landscape should be beautiful ...

I've been looking for the most beautiful beaches in the world for weeks ... Aruba, Turks and C., Hawaii, Seychelles and the Maldives keep appearing ..... The search has confused me by now. A lot looks just beautiful. At the beginning I always had the Maldives on my screen ... In the pictures of the travel agents everything always looks fantastic .... In the pictures of the travelers the water etc. looks rather average. I saw similar beaches on Phi Phi Island etc.

Is there anyone here who can give a recommendation? Maybe someone has already been to some of the travel locations mentioned .....

Price and flight duration are of secondary importance. It should just be a perfect beach vacation. It would also be important to me that you have peace and quiet. That would mean Hawaii would be out sooner ... Just come from Bangkok and am therefore looking for something a little quieter.

thank you very much
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