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Strengthen self-esteem with these 6 exercises + 6 tricks

Getting a stronger sense of self is something that can be learned. When you value yourself, you are laying the foundation for others to appreciate you too. You appear more confident in your private and professional life and have more confidence in yourself. Find new self-esteem with the following exercises and tricks.

Tip: Improve self-esteem with hypnosis & auto-suggestions

You already have the key to a stronger self-confidence and, as a result, a better self-esteem within you. Autogenic training, guided meditations, and auto-suggestions help you focus on your strengths and skills.

Together with a licensed psychotherapist, we have developed a professional audio hypnotherapy that trains you in a robust self-confidence and can thus have a lasting positive influence on many aspects of your life.

Strengthening self-confidence - hypnotherapy

What actually is self-worth?

Self worth is the result of what you think about yourself. Many people have low self-esteem. They think that they cannot enrich anyone with their presence and that they have no talents. A high self-esteem means that people have a lot of confidence in themselves and think they can do anything. If your self-esteem is too high, you run the risk of overestimating yourself or looking self-enamored. A healthy mediocrity is the solution: This results in a self-confident appearance and confidence in yourself to be able to cope with difficult tasks.

Strengthen self-esteem: 6 exercises

Many people find it difficult to talk about themselves. They don't care too much about themselves and are afraid of being disappointed if they think hard about themselves. In countless situations in life, it is incredibly important to value yourself and to stand by your achievements. The following exercises can help you learn to improve your self-esteem.

Build a strong sense of self-worth

Self-esteem also helps with flirting

If you want to strengthen your self-esteem, the following exercises can certainly help you. There are many benefits to having valued yourself. For one, you are preventing others from taking advantage of you, even if they are not consciously doing it. After all, people with poor self-esteem tend to sacrifice themselves. Even within the family or in front of friends, they usually cannot assert their interests. They tend to stay in the background, take the path of least resistance and are therefore often overlooked. Even with flirting, you will only be successful if you appreciate your merits. In order to assert yourself in a partnership, you also need a certain emotional strength. As you can see, low self-esteem affects all kinds of life situations. So it is high time to strengthen it.

Exercise 1: take responsibility

Strengthen your self-esteem by taking responsibility. Even small, responsible tasks show you that you can be trusted and that you can achieve something. People with low self-esteem tend to avoid such situations. You are afraid of the unknown and fear of failure or being able to disappoint someone - in the worst case, yourself.

Jump over your shadow and dare to take new risks. Successful experiences promote your self-esteem. Take on small tasks that you think are feasible, over time you can improve. Here are some suggestions where you can take responsibility and prove yourself:

  • Take care of a friend's pet for a day.
  • Build something (such as a bird feeder, bench, or garden pond).
  • Go alone to visit someone who lives far away.
  • Promise a friend a favor and do it.
  • Cook for your entire family.
  • Sew a garment yourself.
  • Help someone move and assemble the furniture.
  • Fix something for someone else.

Exercise 2: Be self-deprecating

You have to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time. Instead of brooding over your shortcomings and feeling bad, you should joke about them. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. These mistakes can even become your trademark, and whenever they come up, you can laugh at them again.

An example is when you are clumsy. Do you always get something out of your mouth when you eat or do you spill? When you open a bag, half of the contents usually fall out and glasses often end up spilled on the floor? Don't be ashamed of it. In principle, these little mishaps can happen to anyone and the fact that they happen more often to you than to the others makes you special. It's like having a personal insider that you can laugh about even in more formal situations if you take it with humor. It always depends on how much you value yourself and how you present yourself. If you feel ashamed and run away, the situation becomes uncomfortable. But if you laugh at yourself and emphasize that this happens to you all the time, others will laugh with you.

Exercise 3: Take off your mask

More self-esteem: Take off your mask

Low self-esteem goes hand in hand with low self-esteem (how to increase your self-esteem is read here). You are not even aware of what you want because you are too busy agreeing to others. This behavior is based not only on avoidance of conflict, but also on the fear of not being liked. But if you don't like yourself, how are others supposed to do it? You only find out whether people like you for who you are when you really are who you are: a person with rough edges, with an opinion and a very unique character. The following exercise can help you to be authentic and to express your opinion better in the future.

The next time you have a conversation with a friend or family member, be careful not to agree with everything. Even if you don't have a different opinion, you can train yourself to assert yourself in the worst-case scenario. Keep in mind that friends and family also love you when you express your honest opinion. In principle, they want honesty when they ask for your opinion. Of course, you shouldn't hurt or insult anyone, but you should provide arguments for why you can't agree with what has been said at the moment. A difference of opinion doesn't harm stable friendships; it makes them even stronger. The first time it is suitable to speak alone with a friend or family member, the next time you can dare to approach larger groups and slowly improve yourself.

Stabilize your self-esteem

Unstable self-esteem gets out of balance through a variety of things. It can be a bad grade in school, an argument where insults fell, a breakup, a mishap, or even minimal weight fluctuations that provoke doubt. In order to stabilize your self-esteem, you need to define it first.

The first step is to assess yourself. This will help you determine if your self-esteem is too low and should continue doing the exercises afterward to strengthen it. How is your sense of self? How can you improve it To find out, just ask yourself the following questions. Your first answer to the question should be straightforward. You can take your time with the second answer.

Exercise 4: Your positive character traits

How do I rate my character? Imagine a scale from one to ten and rate yourself spontaneously. Write the number down or say it out loud. Now think hard about what your best character traits are and which ones you have that you would like to change. If the positive character traits predominate, that is a good sign. However, if you can think of more bad ones, you should definitely do the next few exercises. If you think hard about it, has your self-assessment improved or deteriorated, or are you unsure how to rate yourself at all? Uncertainties in your assessment and hesitant behavior suggest that there is an urgent need to strengthen your self-esteem.

To make yourself aware that you have great qualities, you can do the following: Ask friends or relatives what they like about you. Or, if you're embarrassed, ask her to write it down. Whenever you have self-doubts, you can read this slip of paper. This gives you new courage and reminds you how much others appreciate you. As it says on these pieces of paper, you should see yourself too.

Exercise 5: Your most beautiful body features

What do I like most about myself? There should also be something visually that you like about yourself so that you can strengthen your self-esteem. So think about at least three things about your body that you like. It doesn't matter whether it's your eyelashes, your skin or your navel, it doesn't always have to be the classic beauty features such as a well-toned body, big eyes or flowing hair. If you can think of absolutely nothing, the method of asking joy and relatives will also help here. They will surely come up with something that they find beautiful about you. Think about their words and try to understand why they find these things beautiful about you. If others can see it, so should you.

Exercise 6: Make a list of your talents

What am I particularly good at? Positive self-reflection is the best way to increase your self-esteem. It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary or something that others cannot. Skills learned, such as working in a certain profession, are not meant here. It's about gifts that you just have. Some are musically or artistically talented, others are social and empathetic, some have a good sense of language or a high perception. Are you particularly good at solving problems or do you always listen carefully? Do your friends value you for your patience or your ability to make them laugh? Perhaps you have a special connection with children but have never considered it a talent. Just naming your skills will make you appreciate yourself a little more. By putting them all together in a list, you can see how many positive qualities make you stand out.

Strengthen self-esteem: 6 tricks for a positive attitude

If you want to strengthen your self-esteem, these tricks can help you for everyday life. Often the reason for a lack of self-esteem is a wrong way of thinking. Fear of failure, fear of conflict, and listlessness prevent you from developing a strong personality. We'll show you how you can change your life with a positive attitude.

Don't define yourself by your job

Don't define yourself by your job

Don't let your self-esteem rule your job. There are many situations in which you could be criticized or your boss is just having a bad day and taking it out on you. Don't blame yourself for this, find reasons why you didn't deserve it and why you are a good worker. If your job no longer makes you happy, find a new one in which you will be valued more. Being happy should be your top priority.

Do not compare yourself to others

Constantly comparing yourself to others is poison for self-esteem. There will always be people who are smarter, more beautiful or more successful. So why should you compare yourself to them unnecessarily only to feel inferior afterwards? Instead, focus on your qualities. It often helps to look at the overall context and ask yourself the question: Would I want to swap my life for yours? Usually the answer will be “no” because there are too many things to appreciate in your own life.

Avoid perfectionism

Always wanting to be perfect puts you under constant stress. You chase after an ideal that probably cannot be achieved and so you will always feel inferior. The first step towards a strong sense of self-worth begins with your own acceptance. You are good enough the way you are, so let go.

Overcome the fear of failure

It is not bad to fail, it is part of life. There is no one who has never failed and that is a good thing. Failure makes us stronger and more mature. It is only by failing that we are later prepared for difficult life situations and can learn something from them every time.

Treat you like your best friend

Think hard about it. Do you treat friends and family better than yourself? Low self-esteem makes you appreciate others more than yourself. But just as you love your family and friends, you should love yourself too. Why shouldn't you, too, deserve to be treated well by yourself? Not only be considerate of the needs of others, but also make your wishes and dreams come true. Nobody will blame you if you ask for something.

Always chase a dream

By always having a dream in front of you, you can remind yourself to do something for yourself. What can you do to make this dream come true? It doesn't have to be big dreams either, small goals are easier to achieve and you can always look for new ones. Big goals, like going on a safari in Africa, take more time, but they also keep you in mind what is important to you. You are working for this journey and you are patient, but ultimately you do all of this for yourself. You do not sacrifice yourself for others, but for yourself, because it is worth fighting for your dream.

Tip: Improve self-esteem with hypnosis & auto-suggestions

You already have the key to greater self-confidence and, as a result, a better self-esteem within you. Autogenic training, guided meditations, and auto-suggestions help you focus on your strengths and skills.

Together with a licensed psychotherapist, we have developed a professional audio hypnotherapy that trains you in a robust self-confidence and can thus have a lasting positive influence on many aspects of your life.

Strengthening self-confidence - hypnotherapy
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