How can I have firmer chairs?

Paint the chair properly. That's how it's done.

Do you like the pink lacquered children's chair? Then take a look at the Kolorat wall paints in old pink and find the right color for you.

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Let the paint dry. Wash out the brush and paint roller with water. Have you used tape if the paint has dried properly after a day? Your new old piece of furniture is ready.

Would you like to paint furniture for outdoor use? That is also no problem. You have different options. Find out which one works best for you.

Paint garden furniture for instructions

Ideas and inspirations

The right color for every chair. It doesn't always have to be the same paint for each of your chairs. Paint your chairs in harmonious colors from the same or similar color family. This creates a calm overall picture, but there is no boredom.

You can combine a delicate pink with many other colors. White and gray, for example, go well with tones in pink or old rose. The fine powder tones give warmth and cosiness and at the same time appear very light and airy.

Those who like it more poppy and colorful can choose pastel ice cream colors such as this delicate yellow, fine green or heavenly blue. This is how you set small accents that catch the eye and bring color to the room.

Click here for a selection of pastel tones in delicate ice creams.

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Order colors online

In the large Kolorat color palette, you can choose the right shade for you from a variety of colors and order it online right away. Simply select the color tile of your desired shade with one click and determine the individual amount for your project. Submit order online.

For the painting of your chair, select the color of your choice as a varnish. The Kolorat lacquer is ideal for high-quality intermediate and final lacquers on wooden components, primed metal and hard PVC indoors and outdoors. Regardless of whether it is a table, chairs or dresser, the workmanship is light and smooth. The water-thinnable material is low-odor, has a high scratch and impact resistance and is also suitable for children's toys (in accordance with DIN EN 71-3).

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Your color will be mixed for you and delivered as quickly as possible to your home. You can also order hand-painted color samples with just a few clicks using the color tiles. Stop by!