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5 challenges to start school

Preparing for school is an exciting time for children. New teachers, new subjects and possibly even new classmates await them at school. The beginning of the new school year usually brings some challenges with it: Get up early in the morning, stick to schedules, do homework, study for tests, etc. So that you as a family are well prepared for school, we recommend you to how to deal with the greatest organizational challenges of starting school and how to master them brilliantly.

1st challenge: the morning chaos
The solution: create a routine in good time

One of the most difficult tasks at the start of the new school year is finding the transition from the casual summer schedule to the strict school routine. Suddenly the alarm clock rings again at six o'clock, the battle for the bathroom begins and the morning quickly becomes chaotic. In order to avoid the morning madness this time, you and your child should create a bedtime and morning routine a while before school starts: from showering and brushing their teeth to the bedtime story the night before and relaxed breakfast on the school morning.

You should introduce these processes at least one, preferably two weeks before the start of school in order to get your children used to the upcoming school time. The sooner you start, the more time you'll have to get going and get used to the new schedule. And children need routine. Fixed structures and processes give you a feeling of calm and security and prevent morning confusion.

Challenge 2: Disorder with homework
The solution: determine a permanent workplace

Another stumbling block on the way to an organized start to the new school year can be a cluttered homework or workplace. Of course, you want to give your child the opportunity to determine where they can best concentrate in order to do their homework after school. However, it is important to help him determine a permanent place for his schoolwork. So your child knows exactly where to go to do homework.

Most desks in children's rooms are rather unsuitable as workplaces. They often end up as a refuge for a hodgepodge of pens, sheets of paper and toys lying around. Many children also like to do their homework where they can interact with adults on a regular basis. The kitchen table can therefore be a great choice for schoolwork. There you also prevent clutter, because all notebooks, pens and books have to be put back in place by the next meal at the latest, because after all, eating at a packed table is bad.

3rd challenge: child loses school supplies
The solution: run errands together

Pens, pencils, set square, paper - there are a lot of things that a schoolchild has to keep together. It can happen that the red pencil can no longer be found or that a fourth pair of compasses has to be bought. Our tip: go shopping for the school supplies you need with your child. By taking part in the shopping process and letting your child choose the utensils for school themselves, they will get a feeling for what “his” is and will pay particular attention to the new things. A nice new pencil case, perhaps as a gift for the start of school, in which all the colorful things can be neatly stowed away, also helps to keep things tidy.

4th challenge: forget school things at home
The solution: Create a list of everything you need

In order to start the day as smoothly as possible for your child, you should prepare everything the evening before. School bags and gym bags should already be stocked with the required binders and books or with sneakers and sportswear for the next day. It is best to collect all the things your schoolchildren needs in one place (e.g. next to the front door) so that you and your child do not have to run back and forth in the morning looking for the things and sink into the morning chaos.

So that your protégé really has everything with him, you can create an “everything-for-school-list” that you go through every evening before going to bed. Put a tick next to anything you've already prepared. In the morning you and your child can take another look at the list and quickly pack up the last missing items, such as the lunch box.

Challenge 5: Stay up to date
The solution: get actively involved

With all the preparation and organization, parents sometimes forget to gather information and discuss with the child what is actually going on at school. Make a conscious effort to keep an eye on the big picture and, especially at the beginning of the school year, take the time to talk to your child's class teacher. In this way, you can find out where your child's school performance is. If you have additional time, why not attend school events or get involved in the parents' council. This is the best way to stay on the ball!

Every family is unique and should develop their own system so as not to sink into chaos during the exciting back-to-school days. Find out which of our suggested solutions work best for you and your family and start the new school year well organized and full of anticipation!

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