Would you wear pink leggings

If I ever say "never" again, hit me. In the last ten or fifteen years I have sworn up and down that I would never wear leggings outside of my own four walls again in my life. Not that I have a problem with those stretchy, tight pants. They are quite comfortable at home for cleaning or for the gym. But as a fashionable item of clothing, I banned leggings from my wardrobe many years ago. As is always the case with fashion, everything comes back at some point. But I really didn't expect that with leggings. At least not that they will be picked up again by well-known fashion houses like Chanel. Well, and suddenly tights, as they are called, are all the rage again.

I had my leggings phase in my mid-thirties and I loved them dearly. I had worn them preferably in autumn and winter, with shorter clothes or with thick, extra-long sweaters. But at some point I got tired of them and couldn't imagine wearing leggings again on the street or in the office. But not only for me they were suddenly frowned upon, most of us suddenly had these tights on. Incidentally, cycling shorts suffered the same fate. We also wore these shorts up and down and then they were out of sight. About two years ago cyclists celebrated their comeback - not with me.

Leggings are suitable for everyday use again

Since almost all fashion magazines and social media present leggings in different combinations, I can't avoid looking at them again. Due to the increased home office in the last two months, we have almost all started to be more enthusiastic about comfortable clothing. Even jogging pants are increasingly seen in everyday life and on the street. Leggings, on the other hand, look almost a tad more elegant.

Instead of tights, just wear leggings

When I discovered this pretty dress on my little shopping tour at the end of April, I could immediately imagine it together with leggings. Not only that, within seconds I had exactly this combination with the sneakers and the bag in mind. My fashion instinct has really not deceived me, I like this look very much. You can tell by looking at it, because I've already received a few compliments for it.

Together with a huge hoodie, trench coat and sneaker, I could also imagine leggings. A nice outfit for the market day or a shopping tour on Saturday afternoon should be possible again without thought. But leggings also look great in combination with an oversize blazer. Above all, it is important that the blazer is long enough to cover your bum. No matter which top we wear with tights, it should not be too short. However, we should leave the option of wearing a cropped shirt to the very young women.

I feel uncomfortable in short clothes

I have written here several times about my preference for clothes. But also about the fact that I have problems finding nice clothes in a good length for me. Because I don't want to go for such a short time. I could never wear this dress with bare legs. So I'm all the more pleased to be able to put it on with tights now. This is definitely a station wagon that suits a woman my age.

Leggings can be worn at any age

In my opinion, there is no age limit for leggings anyway, as long as you feel comfortable in them, "almost" everything is allowed. However, I recommend that you look for good quality clothing and accessories. I always value that. The whole outfit looks better then. The leggings should also be made of sturdy material. By the way, it also makes a slim leg.

Would leggings be something for you too, or maybe not?

  • Dress: other stories
  • Leggings: have been in the closet forever
  • Bag and sneaker: ChloĆ©
  • Bracelet: down jewelry

You can find my dress at other stories*. Also this pretty dress ground* I would wear leggings. Has similar sneakers to mine Breuninger* and Fashionette* carries ChloƩ bags.

Incidentally, two or three years ago, skinny jeans were also sentenced to death. I still love them and continue to wear them. But I have to admit, an outfit with one of these new cuts, like mum jeans and balloon pants, just looks more modern.

And then, while rummaging through my archive, I actually already did 2017 discovered a post about tights. There, too, leggings were on the rise again. My two blogger friends Annette and Conny also dealt with the topic of leggings. Annette from Lady of Style current and Conny aka Conny Doll Lifestyle already in 2014!