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The original selling principle on eBay is this auction: Sellers put items on the marketplace for a certain period of time, and the user who has made the highest offer at the end of the time limit wins the bid. But for professional traders this is Fixed price offer more interesting. Here, as is customary elsewhere, the seller sets a price for the product on offer. Just like at Amazon, the range of products is enormous: from toilet paper to delivery vans, you can buy almost anything on eBay. The offers prohibited on eBay include B. animals, weapons, medicines, securities, but also human body parts.

The costs that merchants incur when selling on eBay depend on whether the account is personal or commercial. As private seller you have to expect a sales commission of 10 percent. For the creation of the offer itself, eBay does not charge private individuals (if you sell fewer than 300 items a month) no fees. Only additional options such as extended picture galleries or subtitles cost extra.

For small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), however, the costs that are incurred for commercial use are of particular interest: eBay sees fourvarious subscriptions for eBay shops in front. Depending on how many fixed-price offers you want to set up per month, these are between 39.95 and 4999.95 euros per month. If you decide against a shop and thus against a subscription, a fee of 0.35 euros per item will be charged after 40 offers are posted. Even with a basic shop, you as a seller have 400 free offers and then only pay 0.10 euros per offer. In addition, there is a sales commission which, depending on the product type, is between 4.5 and 10.5 percent.

An eBay shop has other advantages as well. What Amazon tries to minimize can be promoted on eBay with its own presence on the sales platform: the presence as a retailer. Having your own layout can make you look better than present your own brand and build a solid customer base. On their own shop page, sellers present their complete range and thus draw buyers' attention to further offers. In order to create more security (also for sellers), mutual evaluations are an integral part of the system. Dealers can thus make convincing arguments for themselves apart from a low price.

Not only your own shop, but also the individual article pages can be designed relatively freely on eBay. With own graphic elements adapt the layout, which is based on HTML, to your marketing strategy. External providers have now established themselves for the design of ready-made or individual templates. This way, even less internet-savvy retailers can create convincing and professional article pages. Just like its competitor Amazon, eBay offers various interfaces to enable use with other software.